New Plantastic range out now!

New Plantastic products will appeal to a growing number of health-conscious shoppers, looking for plant-based products on the go as part of flexible diets
October 7, 2019

The first four SKUs:

  • Chocolate & Cherry Flapjack
  • Lemon & Turmeric Flapjack
  • Apricot & Ginger Flapjack
  • Orange & Parsnip Cake

Will be available at Tesco Express stores from 1st October as part of the retailer’s food to go fixture.

The Plantastic brand has been created to give health-conscious shoppers a consistent branded solution when seeking plant-based products, with the launch SKUs – which are manufactured by Premier Foods in house at its facility in Stoke – giving appealing on-the-go options and helping retailers to capitalise on the growing demand.

‘Health and nutrition’ continues to be one of the key macro trends impacting the food and drink industry, with the rise of positive nutrition – shoppers actively seeking healthy options – helping to drive the incredible growth of plant-based solutions. Having initially been driven by millennials seeking healthier diets and flexitarian options, the growth of plant-based diets is now being sustained by all age groups.

The Plantastic flapjack and cake products include high quantities of fruit and vegetables, containing only plant-based ingredients to make them high in fibre and containing up to 40% less sugar than ‘standard’ cake products.

“Consumer insights show us that people are looking for new and innovative flavours, which our range delivers to excite shoppers in store when seeking plant-based snacks on the go,” said Kate Yateman-Smith, Marketing and Innovation Controller – Health Brand, at Premier Foods. “This is the first major play in plant-based snacking for Premier Foods, marking a significant achievement for our technical team, who had to develop innovative solutions to deliver high-quality products.

“Retailers will have already seen the significant rise in demand for these types of products, with sales of plant-based products having reached £3.4bn . Plantastic is ideally positioned to help them meet shopper needs and capitalise on the developing opportunities.”

The Plantastic products will first be available in Tesco Express stores nationwide from 1st October, and will be supported by activity in store to capture shoppers’ attention and drive trial.