As one of the UK’s leading food producers and home to some of the nation’s most loved and iconic brands, we have both an opportunity and a responsibility to forge a healthier future for our planet and everyone on it.

Why does sustainability matter?

Feeding a growing population with healthy and sustainable food whilst caring for the environment and all people who work in the food supply chain is vital. 2023 was officially declared the warmest on record and saw an increasing number of people experiencing food insecurity. The issues of healthy and sustainable diets, food security, human rights and the ongoing response to climate change have led to increased prominence of the roles civil society and businesses need to play to address these challenges in the future.


increase in the sales of healthier products since 2020/21


reduction in scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions since 2020/21


equivalent meals donated from April 2020 to March 2024 to FareShare and other food insecurity charities


A more sustainable food system

Our Enriching Life Plan is our ESG strategy and is articulated through our three strategic pillars of Product, Planet and People.

The three pillars of our Enriching Life Plan

Our products

Our products

The product pillar of our Enriching Life Plan is dedicated to helping consumers lead healthier and more sustainable lifestyles by creating foods which have a better nutritional value, are kinder to the environment and are free of unnecessary or problematic packaging.

Oxo cube pyramid

Our planet

Our planet

Our planet pillar contributes to a healthier planet by nurturing the natural resources we rely on to make our food. Our focus is on tackling climate change and deforestation, improving the sustainability of farming practices and reducing waste.

Wheat field with combo harvester

Our people

Our people

Within our people pillar we are building the culture, skills and capabilities needed to help our business, the UK food sector and wider economy thrive in the future. And wherever possible, identifying opportunities to give back to the communities where we operate.

People in meeting room with laptops and brand frames on wall