Our products

The product pillar of our Enriching Life Plan is dedicated to helping consumers lead healthier and more sustainable lifestyles by creating foods which have a better nutritional value, and are kinder to the environment and free of unnecessary or problematic packaging.

What’s at stake?

The UK Government Obesity Report in 2023 shows that 64% of adults in England are classified either as obese or overweight. The last UK Government’s National Diet & Nutrition Survey reveals that the average person is far from meeting the recommended intake of fibre, while consuming too much saturated fat and, furthermore 20% of adults are in severe vitamin D deficiency. The EAT-Lancet Commission advocates for a shift towards healthier and more plant-based foods to address the needs of a growing population in a world of finite resources.

In 2021, 12.7 million tonnes of packaging was placed on the market in the UK. Packaging plays a key role in the food industry by delivering products to consumers safely. However, if poorly designed, excessively used, or irresponsibly disposed of, it can lead to a range of environmental and social issues.


of all our packaging is recyclable


of our products have a registered health or nutrition claim and meet higher nutritional standards


products have been launched or reformulated in the last year which support high nutritional standards

Our ambitions, targets and progress over the last year

Making nutritious and sustainable food.

Our ambitions
Making great tasting, healthier and more nutritious food
Support the nation’s shift towards plant-based diets
Reduce the environmental impact of our packaging
Our 2030 targets
More than double sales of products that meet high nutritional standards
More than 50% of our product (by stock keeping unit) provide additional health or nutrition benefit
£250m sales in plant-based products made to a vegan recipe
Each core range has a plant-based offering
100% of packaging to be reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025
In-year progress
The Company’s branded sales of foods in £m scoring less than 4, and drinks scoring less than 1, on the UK Department of Health’s Nutrient Profiling Model has grown by 19%
The proportion of products with a registered health or nutrition claim and which meet higher nutritional standards has increased from 43% to 44%
Sales of plant-based products have grown 24%
A new plant-based recipe launched in our Pasta’n’Sauce range, along with new products in cooking sauces and desserts
96% of all our packaging and 86% of our plastics packaging is recyclable

Our contribution


  • In products traditionally considered to be high in fat, sugar or salt we have successfully developed and launched alternatives such as the Mr Kipling Deliciously Good range. All our single servings of cake and pudding products meet the government calorie cap as set out in its sugar reduction guidelines as set out in their sugar reduction programme (2016).
  • We have set ourselves a target for each of our core ranges to offer a meat-free version and have launched exciting new options with Plantastic, OXO and Paxo.
  • We have launched foodservice products with increased vegetables content in Sharwood’s and Homepride to support schools in preparing healthier and more sustainable meals. They are fortified with vitamins C and D and provide a source of fibre or are high in fibre.
  • We have launched 54 products in 2023 in support of our Action on Fibre Pledge with the Food & Drink Federation. Since the programme began in 2022, we have launched 116 products, sales of which have contributed 220 tonnes of total fibre to the UK market in 2023 alone.
  • We are continually working towards removing artificial colours and flavours from our brands. We also do not add non-naturally occurring trans fats or genetically modified organisms to our products.
  • All our top-selling stock and gravy products have a 25% reduced salt option and a wide range also have plant-based alternatives. We have also increased the number of cooking sauces offering one of your five a day and enhanced fibre levels and reduced salt.
  • To support consumers to make healthier choices, we are aligning our latest acquisitions, The Spice Tailor and FUEL10K with our existing UK portfolio of products which are labelled using the voluntary front of-pack traffic light labelling scheme. All products carry energy information and the vast majority also show information on fat, saturates, sugar and salt.
  • We are a founding member of the UK Plastics Pact and have a place on the steering group. All our consumer packaging carries On Pack Recycling Labels (OPRL) to help consumers understand where they can recycle.