Our planet

With strong commitments on tackling climate change and deforestation, improving the sustainability of farming practices and reducing waste, the planet pillar of our Enriching Life Plan contributes to a healthier planet by nurturing the natural resources we all rely on to make our food.

What’s at stake?

Climate change is the defining issue of our time, and we are at a crucial moment. Around 30% of greenhouse gas emissions globally are attributable to the food system – encompassing agriculture and land use, processing, and transport, through to consumption and food waste. The food industry has a major role to play in helping the food system transition to a more sustainable, resilient future.


of our directly sourced palm and soy are certified


reduction in our scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions - market-based since 2020/2


since 2020/1

Lady in field inspecting crop

Contributing to a healthier planet

Our ambitions, targets and progress over the last year

Our ambitions
Taking action on climate change
Protecting our natural resources
Reducing waste across our value chain
Our 2030 targets
Reduce scope 1 and 2 emissions by 67% and target net zero by 2040
Reduce scope 3 emissions by 25% and target net zero by 2050
Deforestation free and conversion free palm and beef supply chains by 2025 and across entire supply chain by 2030
Champion responsible and regenerative agricultural practices for key directly sourced ingredients
Halve our food waste and support our suppliers to do the same
Use the strength of our brands to engage consumers to reduce food waste in the home
In-year progress
Scope 1 and 2 market-based emissions have reduced by around 13.8% against prior year and 22.4% since our baseline year of 2020/21
Launched new requirements on key suppliers to set and deliver against their own science-based targets and share carbon data on the products and services supplied to Premier Foods.
100% certified direct palm and soy and 97% certified direct cocoa.
Over 99% of directly sourced wheat & flour, 100% of directly sourced UK grown sugar beet and 100% of directly sourced UK dairy products meet at least silver standard on the Sustainable Agriculture Farm Sustainability Assessment (‘SAI FSA’) or equivalent.

Launched new requirements on suppliers of key agricultural ingredients.
Food waste in our own operations reduced by 10.5%.

Launched new requirements on key suppliers to set and deliver targets aligned to UN SDG 12.3 to halve global food waste.
We have again expanded our on-pack programme to raise awareness of the issues of food waste and raise funds for our charity partner FareShare.