Why join us?

Step into our offices and factories, and you'll feel the warmth. Our culture is built on camaraderie, respect, and open communication. We take pride in cultivating a sense of belonging where voices are heard, ideas are welcomed, and collaboration is second nature. Unique perspectives aren’t just appreciated — they’re essential to our collective success.

Our purpose of Enriching Life Through Food means we endeavour to nurture a workforce that is proud of its successes, has a culture of entrepreneurship and helps colleagues realise their full potential.

That means we create new and continuous learning opportunities and an environment where employees can excel. We also reward colleagues with salary packages that are competitive within our industry, and we regularly benchmark not just pay but our wider benefits.

Inclusion and diversity

The core of our  inclusion and diversity (I&D) strategy is to provide a safe environment so everyone feels they can bring their true authentic selves to work and thrive. This is also vital for the sustainability of our business as everyone stands to benefit when we embrace and value diversity of thoughts, ideas, and ways of working. In addition to our I&D policy and strategy, we have delivered training to thousands of colleagues to ensure colleagues have an I&D learning experience and added I&D awareness to all our new starter induction programmes. We have also established an I&D Steering Committee and created four Employee Resource Groups focused on Gender, Multicultural, Health & Disability and LGBTQ+.

Our inclusion and diversity commitments

  • To create a psychologically safe work environment that promotes inclusion, dignity and respect for all.
  • To foster a work environment where individual differences and contributions are recognised, valued and where all can thrive.
  • To treat colleagues fairly when it comes to promotion, progression, training and development, with all decisions made in line with business needs as well as individual aptitude and ability, including when and where we select candidates for employment.
  • To encourage colleagues to raise concerns if they feel they have been subject to discrimination so we can apply corrective measures.
  • To regularly review our employment practices and procedures so that inclusion & diversity is achieved.
  • To monitor and review our culture on a regular basis to ensure that inclusion & diversity is continually promoted and adhered to within our workplace.