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Our Suppliers


We’re passionate about our supplier relationships. Every year we consciously spend nearly £500 million with UK suppliers and farmers, nearly half of which are small and medium sized businesses. This represents around 89% of our total procurement spend supporting jobs up and down the country.

Working together on growth

As the scale of our business has changed, we've been working with fewer suppliers on more strategic partnerships. We look for suppliers who bring fresh ideas that will help us grow. And in return we seek to build stable, longer term relationships that benfit those suppliers.

Innovating in partnership

To help our suppliers identify where they can add most value and how we can work together for mutual success, we host supplier conferences and other events to share our business plans and growth opportunities. We’ve also created an online innovation portal where all suppliers can contribute innovative ideas. 

Improving our relationships

To help continuously improve our supplier relationships we conduct regular independent, anonymous surveys. They help us benchmark and improve our performance, and address any concerns. We also recognise outstanding achievement through our annual supplier awards. Check out our 2016 Winners.

Supplier terms and conditions

We believe in being transparent on our standard supplier terms and conditions which is available here.

If you're a supplier and are interested in building a mutually beneficial partnership with us, then we'd love to hear from you at [email protected]