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Our History

We're proud of the long history of our brands and our business. It's a heritage of innovation since the early 18th century. Innovation and great food is in our blood. Have a look at our history and check out our most recent innovations in Our Brands.




September: Our first plant-based product is announced with the launch of Plantastic Cakes, Flapjacks and Multi-grain Pots.



January: Loyd Grossman lunches are now available "on the go" with new ready to eat Italian pasta pots and sachets.



January: After the success of Mr Kipling Unicorn and Flamingo slices, Mr Kipling launches limited edition Dragon Slices and Unicorn French Fancies.



August: Sharwood's introduces healthier versions of leading curry accompaniments, including 50% whole-wheat naan bread and low fat poppadoms.



September: Cadbury Cakes can now be made at home with new Brownie, Cookie and Chocolate Sponge cake mixes.



March: Angel Delight can be enjoyed out of home and on the go for the first time with our new ready to eat pots.



February: Batchelors Super Noodles are introduced in pot format for greater convenience. The product is co-developed with our strategic partner, Nissin Foods.



October: Bisto Best Gravy is introduced in ready to use pouches, helping consumers bring midweek meals to life in no time at all.



October: Tapping into growing heath trends, Batchelors launch new High Protein and High Veg Pots. Each provides one of your five a day.



August: We introduce a premium tier to the brand with new Paxo Sensational Stuffing made from speciality breads.



April: Premier Foods enters into a relationship agreement with Japanese food manufacturer Nissin Foods Holdings Co., Ltd



April: Tapping into the growing trend for ‘food on the go’ we introduce handy twin-packs of some of our best loved Mr Kipling and Cadbury cakes into supermarkets, smaller convenience stores and petrol stations.



February: We take Ambrosia into the chiller aisle for the first time with the launch of Ambrosia Frozen Custard.



February: In partnership with Master Baker Paul Hollywood, we launch our first new brand in twenty years and introduce a range of sweet and savoury artisan baking mixes.



October: Cadbury launches Amaze Bites - bite size pieces of chocolate brownie studded with chocolate chips and coated with the nation’s favourite Cadbury milk chocolate.



May: Mr. Kipling introduces three exciting new milkshake flavour slices - strawberry, banana and vanilla & chocolate - to our popular Snack Pack range.



March: Sharwood's invigorates the cooking sauce category with the launch of new Stir Fry Melts - concentrated flavour pots that melt over stir-fried meat and/or vegetables to add a delicious light and tasty coating.



January: Our consumer research showed that traditional dishes were becoming popular again with shoppers through TV shows and trendy restaurants. So we launched Loyd Grossman Classic and Gastro sauces to deliver that eat-out experiences at home.



October: To help us drive growth in the ambient desserts category we launch a new range of Cadbury Sticky Puds including Cadbury Milk Chocolate and Cadbury Fudge flavours.



August: Made from real meat juices, herbs and seasonings Bisto launches its best ever gravy in two new flavours, Roast Beef and Roast Chicken.



July: Using an innovative gel format the new OXO Herbs & More range provides consumers with the ‘Magic Touch’ to turn everyday meals into flavoursome family favourites.



July: Bisto launches Simply Casserole Pastes, making it easy to create mouth-watering Casseroles in Rich Beef & Ale, Country Chicken, Sausage & Caramelised Onion and Spanish Chicken.



Premier Foods sells a 51% stake in the Hovis brand to The Gores Group to form a joint venture between the two companies.



Ambrosia launches Devon Dream, a unique product for the ambient dessert category which contains 80% less fat than single cream.



Mr. Kipling celebrates the Queen’s diamond jubilee in-style with special edition Great British Fancies.



Using innovative new packaging Batchelor’s introduces the Deli Box - a tasty and satisfying light lunch that can be enjoyed on-the-go or at home.



Batchelors helps ‘Fuel Britain’ as it gives shoppers the chance to win a year’s supply of petrol.



Mr. Kipling revolutionises the cake category with the introduction of the ‘snack pack’, providing a convenient way to eat cake on-the-go.



Sharwood’s joins up with Joanna Lumley to develop a limited edition Mango Chutney with Kashmiri Chilli – an ingredient from her birthplace.



Premier Foods acquires brands including Sharwoods and Bisto in the takeover of its rival Rank Hovis McDougalls for £1.2 billion.




Premier Foods teams up with TV personality and food critic Loyd Grossman to create a new range of cooking sauces.



Cadbury Cake Bars are introduced.



Lynda Bellingham first appears as the mum in the much-loved ‘OXO Family’ TV adverts.



Hillsdown Holdings, now Premier Foods, is founded by Harry Solomon and David Thompson.



Homepride pioneers prepared cooking sauces with the launch of the Cook in Sauce range.



The Smash Martians become a hit with British households with a series of TV adverts. The advertising campaign was later voted Campaign Magazine’s TV ad of the 20th century.



Aiming to sell cakes of a local baker’s standard to supermarkets, the Mr. Kipling brand is launched. Mr. Kipling has held the ‘Number 1 Cake Brand’ title since the late 1970s.



Angel Delight is launched by Birds with a strawberries and cream flavour. By the 1970s the brand had doubled the market for instant desserts.



Fred makes his first appearance on TV. He quickly became a brand icon and a national treasure.




Batchelors begins making dried soups. In 1972 these became known as the ‘Cup a Soup’.



The ‘Three Bird’ logo synonymous with Bird’s custard is introduced.



Cartoonist Wilf Owen creates Bill and Maree, better known as the Bisto kids. Their legacy lives on to this day with their catchphrase - “aah! Bisto”.



Ambrosia is founded deep in the countryside of sleepy Devon. The Creamery helped supply dried milk to our troops in the First World War.



OXO’s beef extract takes the iconic form of the mighty cube, making it more accessible to families across the UK.



As an official sponsor of the 1908 London Olympics, OXO supplies marathon runners with fortifying drinks of OXO.



Colleagues, Mr Roberts and Mr Patterson, from the Cerebos salt company get working on a gravy recipe after their wives ask them to come up with an easy way of producing smooth gravy every time. The finished product is named ‘Bisto’ for it’s unique ability to ‘Brown, Season and Thicken in One’.



Paxo stuffing is invented by Eccles butcher, John Crampton who wanted to make Sunday lunches more exciting.




William Batchelor starts selling packets of peas. He soon adopted breakthrough canning technology, supplying soup and vegetables. Before long Batchelors became one of the most successful canning companies in the UK and a household name.



Ten years after its creation, Lyons opens its first tea shop in Piccadilly. By 1940 there were over 250 throughout the country.



Suet pudding brand Atora is founded by Frenchman, Gabriel Hugon in Manchester.



James Allen Sharwood brings the delights of India to the UK with a new Asian cooking brand. Sharwood’s is now the biggest Asian cuisine brand in the UK.



The Cerebos salt company is founded in Newcastle.



Home Baking is revolutionised by the McDougall brothers who launch their ‘yeast substitute’. A few years later they introduced a little-known product called ‘self-raising’ flour.




OXO is born. The famous little cube accompanied Captain Scott to the South Pole and John Hunt to the summit of Mount Everest.



Creation of the Bird’s brand, best known for its homemade custard powder.