Quick meals, snacks & soups

We operate primarily in the ambient food sector, which is one of the largest sectors within the total UK grocery market. We feature in key grocery categories of: Quick meals, snacks & soups; Flavourings & seasonings; Ambient desserts and Cooking sauces & accompaniments.
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You’ll find one of our much-loved brands in more than 9 out of 10 British households. Not only that, but many countries across the world also sell our products.


Quick meal brand in the UK is Batchelors (Source: Circana UK, Value Share, 52 w/c 16 March 2024)

#1 brand

in authentic noodles is Nissin (Source: Circana UK, Value Share, Quick Meals Snacks & Soup, Authentic QMS, 52 w/e 24th February 2024)

28 million

households buy Batchelors Cup a Soup and Super Noodles & Pasta ‘n’ Sauce (Source: Kantar, Buyers, 52 w/c 18 February 2024)


We are a company of explorers in search of new flavours and perspectives. We want our consumers to have great tasting products made from quality ingredients. That’s why we source a wide range of ingredients from the UK and across the world.

Batchelors Pasta 'n' Sauce in a parsley field


We are constantly innovating. Rooted in insights we collect from our consumers; we create new innovative products. One example is our Mr Kipling Deliciously Good cakes and pies that are exceedingly tasty and surprisingly healthier, containing 30% less sugar, lower in fat and higher levels of fibre and real fruit.

Mr Kipling's cakes on a plate


We are driving growth in our international business through the deployment of our branded growth model. Our largest international businesses are in Australia, North America and Ireland, with our focus on Mr Kipling, Sharwood’s cooking sauces and The Spice Tailor.

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