Loyd Grossman continues to bring authentic pasta sauces to consumers with new premium format

Stir-in sauces available in Tomato & Mascarpone and Sundried Tomato & Basil
June 30, 2023

Loyd Grossman is bringing a new format to its range with two Stir-In Sauces that offer consumers a premium product to create a restaurant pasta experience at home. Launching in June, the non-HFSS sauces contain no-added sugar and are available in Tomato & Mascarpone and Sundried Tomato & Basil. The range provides a deeper, more intense flavour to help consumers create restaurant-quality pasta dishes themselves.

Nearly two-thirds of consumers have chosen to reduce the amount spent on eating out, while producing high-quality meals at home still remains a priority[1]. The brand also identified that at-home pasta occasions in the UK have become functional, with sauces delivering great taste but not replicating the authentic Italian experience of a lighter coating and greater enjoyment.

Loyd Grossman’s new range has been introduced to provide an alternative experience to the classic pasta sauces. The products offer a deeper, more intense flavour and create a lighter pasta coating that is more aligned to restaurant dishes. The Loyd Grossman Stir-In Sauces also use a different cooking method and are designed to be stirred through hot pasta to preserve the al dente texture.

As a segment, Italian Stir-In Sauces have seen huge growth in the last 12 months, with a 24.9% increase in value sales. The segment is also outperforming the Italian Sauces and Total Italian categories[2]. In line with consumers’ desire to create a restaurant-quality, authentic experience at home, the cooking sauces category has also seen a demand for premiumisation, with Stir-In Sauces in growth as consumers are more willing to trade up on sauces[3]. Loyd Grossman is well positioned to capitalise on this with a new format that looks to drive people into the category and entice loyal brand customers too.

Andrey Sokirkin, Global Marketing Director for cooking sauces at Premier Foods, said: “The new Loyd Grossman range will answer the growing consumer demand for premiumisation in cooking sauces, with Stir-In Sauces that offer authentic and distinct flavour options for a restaurant-worthy meal at home. The Stir-In Sauces are also HFSS-compliant to appeal to more health-conscious consumers – and ensure retailers can display them anywhere in-store for maximum visibility. By bringing both a high-quality and better-for-you experience, the sauces will attract new and loyal customers looking to try something new from a trusted brand that is known for its quality cooking sauces.”


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