Win A Dinner, Give A Dinner

Our “Win a Dinner, Give a Dinner” promotion in support of food redistribution charity FareShare has run for three years so far.
May 20, 2024

“Win a Dinner, Give a Dinner” involves a special on-pack activation which offers shoppers the chance to win a £10 food voucher to spend at a retailer of their choice. For every prize claimed successfully, a matching £10 donation is made to FareShare.

In the first two years the promotion ran exclusively at Tesco, donating enough money to support FareShare in its redistribution of over 300,000 meals. In 2024 it was expanded to all major retailers across the UK to help support the provision of 420,000 meals in a single year, and appeared on a higher number of Premier Foods brands than ever before: Ambrosia, Angel Delight, Bird’s, Bisto, Homepride, Loyd Grossman, McDougalls, Mr Kipling, OXO, Paxo and Sharwood’s.

FareShare benefits from a combination of funding direct from Premier Foods and via the matched donations for each successful claim. Prize winners can also choose to donate their own voucher.

“Win A Dinner, Give A Dinner” is just one aspect of how we support FareShare. Our five-year tie-up includes a target to halve our food waste by 2030, with the charity’s support, and we’re aiming to donate 1 million meals annually by the same deadline.

Win a dinner. Give a dinner poster. Win one of 5,000 £10 vouchers.
Person in high visibility vest with #FoodHero written on the back