Energy innovation

Innovation plays a key role in helping us achieve our decarbonisation targets, especially where we can reduce the amount of heat, steam and cooling needed to make or cook our products.
April 26, 2024

As part of our ESG strategy – our Enriching Life Plan – we have targets to reduce our Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 67% by 2030 and aim to reach net zero by 2040. Achieving this involves multiple projects across all of our sites. Here are some examples from our Stoke bakery where we make Mr Kipling products.

Low energy icing

We have successfully trialled a new approach to making icing toppings for our tarts and slices which significantly reduces the amount of heating and cooling required in the process. We are investing in the necessary equipment to use this new process across the bakery, which will significantly reduce the site’s use of steam.

Fully charged

As well as growing our usage of renewable electricity that we buy in, our first major installation of solar generation capacity at a manufacturing site has seen an extensive area of solar panels added to the roof at Stoke. The 94 KW system is forecast to produce around 25% of the baseload requirements at the site with future expansion planned, and similar schemes are at an advanced stage elsewhere.

Stoke solar panels
Factory machine making cakes