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Innovation & Recognition


Working closely with our suppliers helps us to grow our brands, improve the way we do things and deliver on our sustainability objectives. We foster open and honest supplier relationships to achieve these mutually beneficial goals. We believe we all benefit when Premier Foods is a success.

Innovating with suppliers

To help drive that success together with our suppliers, during September 2014 we launched an online Supplier Innovation portal. The portal is for existing and potential suppliers to propose exciting innovations, new ideas and improved ways of working to us. Any supplier can access the portal and we guarantee to respond to all submissions.


Recognising our suppliers

Every year we recognise those suppliers who have made an outstanding contribution to Premier Foods in the previous year with our Supplier Awards.

Awards were presented to those making a significant contribution to Premier’s business strategy and future growth plans.

Commenting on the awards, Procurement and Central Operations Director Mark Hughes said: “Having strong relationships with our suppliers is critical to helping us accelerate our growth. By developing strategic partnerships, we’ll further increase sales, take costs out of the business and ensure we’re growing in a sustainable and responsible way.”

Congratulations to all our winners and nominees in our Supplier Awards 2016:

Overall Supplier of the Year

Winner chep_icon.jpg

Strategic Partner of the Year

Winner  carat_icon.jpg

Supplier Awards

Graphic Packaging International  Best in class packaging design and concept creations for Cadbury Mini Rolls and Batchelors soups
The Storylab, 20th Century Fox, Lime, Robot Food, 20-Ten, and Carat Their combined support in executing and activating Cadbury Amaze Bites’ partnership with Absolutely Fabulous, the movie.

Individual Award


 Gary Hughes AAK_icon.jpg