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Our Business Model & Strategy


Our Business Model

As a business we believe we have certain capabilities which set us apart from our competitors. We have a broad range of category leading British brands, we have the ability to serve a wide range of customer channels in both the UK and overseas and the capability to manufacture a diverse range of products in multiple formats.

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We have a unique portfolio of British brands which are well loved by the British consumer.  We put the consumer at the heart of everything we do and use our insights to create innovative new products that meet consumers’ needs. 

We build strong relationships with our customers and build joint plans for mutual growth. We are able to service a full range of customers from the major retailers, discounters, convenience, food service, wholesale and international markets.

Our manufacturing capability gives us the scope to manufacture a diverse range of products from sauces, powder mixes, desserts and cakes in a range of formats from tins, jars, pouches and cartons. We have an experienced management team who have a deep understanding of today’s food industry and a workforce with many years of experience in manufacturing and product development.

We are committed to being a responsible food business and have leading standards of safety, both for our food and our colleagues. We have taken a pro-active role in the health agenda, making a number of key commitments over the next few years.


Our strategy

The Group’s strategy is to give an equal focus to growing revenue, delivering cost efficiencies and generating cash. We believe this balanced approach will enable us to successfully deleverage the business and we are now targeting a Net debt to EBITDA ratio of below 3.0x by March 2020.

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