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Our Supply Chain

Quality, authenticity & responsibility

We aim to give our consumers great tasting products which are rich in nutrients, to help them to lead healthier lifestyles. We are also focusing on ensuring that each of our core ranges offer a plant-based alternative, to support those consumers who are looking to transition towards more plant-based diets. 

We source our ingredients in a responsible manner to give consumers confidence that the food they purchase is produced in an ethical and sustainable way.

We source a wide range of healthy, natural ingredients for our products, purchasing raw ingredients from a range of suppliers in the UK and from markets around the world. Last year we purchased over 315,000 tonnes of food ingredients, working with around 220 suppliers, to develop long-term sustainable partnerships which deliver mutual benefits.

The safety and authenticity of our products and ingredients is reinforced by our leading food testing centre, Premier Analytical Services (PAS), where our food experts carry out 80,000 individual tests on ingredients and finished products every year.

We invest in state of the art technology and systems to enable us to deliver year on year improvements in our efficiency. This drives savings we can re-invest in our brands while also helping reduce our environmental footprint.

Our great people

Our people are at the heart of our business and their health, safety and wellbeing is a priority. We have a strong track record of health and safety improvement with one of the lowest reportable accident rates in the UK.

We invest in developing the skills that are important to our future. We want to play a role in developing future talent and have trained more than 150 apprentices and 70 graduates since 2017, helping to increase our rate of new product innovation. And we lend our support and expertise to industry programmes that contribute to a more competitive supply chain.