08 March 2013

UK'S first

Loyd Grossman Sauces launches the first "Flavour Index."

Launch of UK’s first ‘Flavour Index’ by Loyd Grossman Sauces found that:

  • A third of over 55s prefer meat and two veg
  • Only 4% of over 55s willing to try spicy flavours
  • In contrast with rest of spice loving Brits with 23% rating spicy flavours as their favourite
  • 25-34 year olds most adventurous with flavour

8th March 2013 – According to the UK’s first ‘Flavour Index’ launched today by Loyd Grossman Sauces, a third of British over 55s prefer meat and two veg. The report found that 31% of 55s still prefer the British staple of meat and two veg and only 4% of over 55s are willing to try spicy foods.

However, the baby boomers are in contrast with the rest of the UK who are embracing spicy flavours. The ‘Flavour Index’ found that 23% of Brits rated spicy flavours as their favourite.  British taste buds are now craving a spice hit with the research finding that 21% of respondents prefer curry, 16% prefer stir fry and 9% love chilli above all dishes.  In contrast, over 55s have a sweet tooth with 32% of baby boomers craving sweet treats.  Interestingly, as well as spicy flavours, 7% of Brits crave sour flavours such as lemons and grapefruits.

Leading the charge with this love of spice is 25-34 year olds following their exposure to different world cuisines. This generation of ‘food adventurers’ is experimenting with food with the report finding that 68% of 24-35 year olds are willing to try vibrant, bold flavours they aren’t used to.

Dr. Christy Fergusson, food psychologist, explains the background to this generation’s flavour adventures: “Adults aged 25-34 are the most adventurous with trying new flavours as they are figuring out which flavours are right for them.  During this age, we start cooking for ourselves, travelling and living on own so our taste buds are exposed to new flavours and sensations. Also, in adulthood, we only have 10,000 taste buds left, compared to the 30,000 taste buds we had in childhood, so we can better tolerate stronger flavour combinations that we wouldn’t have been able to handle as a child.”

The ‘UK Flavour Index’ highlights how Brits get more adventurous with food as they mature into their teens and early adult years with it peaking by 35-44 years old, with 56% of this age group being polled adventurous with food.  Brits’ taste buds then become more discerning with age with the research highlighting that 18% of over 55s being picky about what they eat. 

Dr. Christy Fergusson explains the findings from the ‘UK Flavour Index’: “Our palates change in puberty when teenagers want to try more adult flavours and so become less picky with food.  Teenagers pretend to like stronger, pungent flavours until their neuro pathways develop and they start enjoying them.  This acceptance of different and strong flavours tails off after a certain age with over 55 year olds being more set in their ways with food.  This is because our brains have been programmed to like certain flavours that we are accustomed to eating and the brain’s capacity to like new flavours decreases with age.”

Joanne Marshall from Loyd Grossman Sauces who created the ‘UK Flavour Index’ said, “Younger people have been exposed to a wider array of flavours, in particular spicy flavours, than their parents’ and grandparents’ generation, making them able to accept vibrant, strong flavours. The research findings highlight how people’s palates develop and different age groups respond to flavour and taste.”

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About the research:
The research was conducted between 21/02/2013-28/02/13 by Opinion Matters, on behalf of Loyd Grossman Sauces.  The sample size was 1,411 UK adults.

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