11 August 2016

Paxo unlocks roast dinner occasions with two new ranges

Premier Foods is driving value into the stuffing sector with the biggest investment in its Paxo brand since 1990. The Paxo core range is undergoing an impactful makeover with three new flavours joining the line-up, whilst the brand is also introducing a premium Sensational Stuffing range. With a significant media spend for the category, Premier Foods is aiming to drive value into the sector by giving shoppers more reasons to buy stuffing.

Helen Touchais, Brand Director, Flavouring & Seasonings at Premier Foods, comments: “Our ambition is to significantly increase the size of the stuffing sector in the next five years with our new brand innovation and improved core range. Whilst we are seeing families enjoying stuffing alongside their roast chicken, there is a huge opportunity to increase sales by encouraging people to serve it alongside other meat dishes. The roast dinner occasion is currently in growth at +0.6% year on year , with roast beef driving this increase, demonstrating the consumer appetite for a traditional family meal.”

The core Paxo range sees the addition of three new flavours which are matched to specific meats: Mushroom & Onion for Beef, Onion & Leek for Pork and Garlic & Thyme for Chicken. These join the popular Sage & Onion variant and the whole range is rolling out with brand new, impactful packaging. The design uses different colours which are aligned with the Premier Foods iconic Bisto and Oxo brands – red ‘for beef’, blue ‘for pork’ and yellow ‘for chicken’ – this new signposting will help consumers to easily shop the stuffing fixture.
Alongside the core Paxo refresh, the brand is also introducing its first new range in six years, with the launch of premium Sensational Stuffing, made with specialty breads such as focaccia and ciabatta. 

Touchais concludes: “Paxo has a strong brand reputation for quality and we can leverage this to encourage people to trade up to our new premium options. The Sensational Stuffing range gives shoppers more premium choices for special occasion roast dinners and offers a taste and texture that enhances a variety of meat dishes. Bringing unique flavours to the market, we suggest the range is sited alongside our core stuffing, but also next to Bisto Best to help drive trial and increase basket spend.” 

Paxo Sensational Stuffing is available now in four tasty flavours: Lemon, Rosemary & Thyme with Ciabatta; Pink Lady Apple, Sage & Red Onion with Focaccia; Roasted Garlic, Red Onion & Rosemary with Sourdough and Rosemary, Mint & Shallot with Farmhouse Breadcrumbs. 

10 August 2016

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