10 October 2016

OXO returns to our TV screens with a new family for the 21st Century

Iconic British brand OXO is back on our TV screens, with two new heart-warming adverts that follow a modern day family as they go about their busy daily lives. 

Famous for reflecting contemporary family life over the past few decades, the new OXO ad will strike a chord with many homes in the UK - highlighting more relaxed parenting styles and non-stop schedules. Dads are increasingly joining mum at the emotional heart of the family and share the cooking and domestic duties. In fact, almost one in three of today’s dads (29 per cent) take on sole responsibility for cooking and 87 per cent take on at least some responsibility for preparing meals*. The ads will reflect this and showcase the heroic role of OXO helping mum (and dad) pull off a tasty, quick and easy dinner.

The new family consists of mum, dad, three children and their beloved pet rabbit, Mr Jefferson. They are a close-knit team - chaotic and imperfect, with teasing and the occasional strop, and off course a lot of life, energy and love. 

The first advert sees a typical mid-week meal time scenario, when teenage daughter Lucy brings home Tianna, the coolest and most popular girl in school, for dinner. Wanting to impress her new friend, Lucy is concerned when mum announces that meatballs are on the menu – a dish Lucy doesn’t think is special enough to win her friend over. She’s forgetting that mum will be using her usual secret weapon ingredient – an OXO beef stock cube, which injects flavour into any dish. When asked if she liked the meatballs and spaghetti, Tianna gives the seal of approval by pulling out her phone to take a photograph of the dish to share on social media. 

The second advert will highlight how dads are getting more involved in cooking meals and will show how dad is pulling off a great dinner for unexpected guests under tight time pressure.

Helen Touchais, Brand Director Flavourings and Seasonings at Premier Foods, said: “OXO aims to help families who are looking to prepare meals that are quick to cook, but that are also wholesome and delicious. As an ingredient intrinsic to British households, OXO has historically portrayed the ins and outs of family life - evolving from Katie’s family in the 1960s through to Lynda Bellingham’s family reign through the 1980s and 1990s. 

“The new TV campaign focusses on a contemporary family encompassing the chaotic elements of modern life, such as; working mums and dads sharing the responsibility for cooking and parenting, children being more vocal about what they eat and standard everyday meals evolving to encompass more adventurous tastes.

“We recognise that the more traditional roles within the typical British family have changed. Our consumer research shows that the new OXO family and the dynamic between them really resonated and reminded them of their own home life. They all think of the 80s and 90s OXO family fondly and are delighted to welcome a new modern family for the 21st century.”

The OXO family was first made famous with Katie in the 1950s and then brought back in the 80s and 90s with the late Lynda Bellingham becoming the nation’s favourite ‘OXO mum’ and Michael Redfern the dad. The emotional final installment of that family series was shown in 1999 when the family moved out of the house.

The new TV campaign will start on 10 October.

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