25 April 2016

No embarrassment please, we’re British - Mr Kipling reveals what leaves us most red faced

New research, commissioned by Mr Kipling, has revealed just what makes us cringe.

- Over half of Brits (54%) say that sending an email or text to the person the message is about, is the thing that makes them cringe the most
One in ten polled admit to accidently saying ‘I love you’ on the phone to their boss
- 77% of Brits have used distraction methods to get out of an embarrassing situation with over half (51%) serving up a slice of cake as a way to do this
- 21% admit their spouse is the most embarrassing member of the family

New research, commissioned by Mr Kipling, has revealed just what makes us cringe. More than half (54%) of the 2,012 UK men and women surveyed, say accidently sending an e-mail or text to the person the message is about is the thing that leaves them with the most fear, while 62% admit they have fallen foul of this mistake in the past.

Coming up a close second is half (49%) of Brits who believe saying ‘I love you’ on the phone to their boss is what makes them tremble with embarrassment - and unfortunately for one in ten of us, this has actually happened.

But work related faux pas don’t stop there – a quarter (25%) of those polled, admit feeling foolish after they accidently put kisses at the end of a work email. 

Nearly half (48%) say that a friends or family accidently seeing private photos of them leaves them mortified – with women finding this more embarrassing than men.

So how do we get out of these moments? Well, three quarters (77%) of people would use a distraction method to get the attention off them with over half (51%) saying they had served cake in the past in order to distract people. Other popular diversion methods include changing the subject (28%); making a joke (19%) and people even cited they would hide behind the sofa. 

Kelly Davis, Mr Kipling Marketing Controller, who commissioned the research, said: “We’ve all had moments happen to us where we wish the ground would swallow us up or we had something on hand to distract people from the cause. Whether it’s sending a text to the wrong person or someone accidently seeing a private or embarrassing photo of you, we Brits don’t take embarrassment well. 

“We’ve found that using a distraction method is the best way of coping and it’s clear from these results that cake is a perfect way to do this. Whether you prefer a French Fancie, a Victoria sponge or chocolate slice, make sure your cupboard is stocked up for the next time you need a distraction.”

Top 10 most embarrassing situations: 
1. Sending an email/text to wrong person 
2. Accidently saying ‘I love you’ on the phone to boss 
3. Someone seeing private or embarrassing photos/videos of you 
4. Getting dress caught in knickers 
5. Falling over 
6. Having too much to drink at a family party 
7. Flies being undone 
8. Putting kisses at the end of work emails 
9. Accidently swearing in front of family member 
10. Kissing partner in front of family members 

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