16 February 2009

Mr Kipling Delightfuls

Don't battle with temptation - enjoy Mr Kipling Delightfuls


With Christmas a dim and distant memory and New Year’s resolutions all broken and forgotten, maintaining a healthy lifestyle sometimes seems like too much of a chore, especially when your sweet tooth cravings strike. However, help is at hand thanks to the baker of exceedingly good cakes, Mr Kipling, giving you the chance to enjoy a bite of your favourite cake without all the extra calories and saturated fat.

Even the strictest of dieters can enjoy a bite of cake and tuck into Mr Kipling’s new  ‘Delightful’ cakes, which all have fewer than 80 calories and less than 1 gram of saturated fat per slice. Mr Kipling’s ‘Delightful’ range contains old favourites tasting better than ever before, along with scrumptious new varieties giving you so much choice that you won’t be tempted to raid the biscuit tin.

The new, improved range of ‘Delightful’ cakes are still packed with all that delicious Mr Kipling taste. So why not enjoy all of the indulgence that chocolate brings without any of the guilt by reaching for one of Mr Kipling’s ‘Delightful Chocolate Slices’ containing real dark chocolate chips and less than 70 calories or nibble on one of the new ‘Delightful Country Slices’ packed full of juicy rasins, sultanas and a hint of spice.

Treat yourself and your waistline to a ‘Delightful Apple Slice’ light and golden sponge slice with delicious apple filling.

Mr Kipling’s ‘Delightful’ range is available in Morrisons, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Iceland now.


05 March 2009

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