10 November 2008

Loyd Grossman revamps premium cooking sauce range

Premier Foods has revamped the premium range of Loyd Grossman cooking sauces this autumn.

Premier Foods has revamped the premium range of Loyd Grossman cooking sauces this autumn, with the launch of new ‘Island Inspirations’ range, a pack redesign and redeveloped Indian offering.

November sees the launch of the Loyd Grossman ‘Island Inspirations’ range of regional Italian pasta sauces. Each delightful recipe is inspired by the local cooking and ingredients of Italian islands, Sicily and Sardinia, and contains delicious whole or chopped ingredients. The flavour-filled range includes Sicilian Style Tomato and Chilli with pine nuts and raisins; Sicilian Style Sun-dried Tomato, Garlic and Basil with toasted almond flakes; and Sardinian Style Tomato & Spicy Salami with a hint sage. The 350g jars will have an RSP of £1.86 and will feature a new label design, evocative of Italian island landscapes and fresh regional ingredients.

A new pack design is being rolled out across the whole Loyd Grossman range from late December, appearing in store from early new year. The new packaging has been designed to appeal even more to the discerning “foodie” consumer with whom the Loyd Grossman brand is popular.

Furthermore, Loyd Grossman is improving its entire Indian offering, with redeveloped recipes. The main principle behind the new, redeveloped recipes has been to improve the flavour profile of every sauce and deliver a product with added premium inclusions such as whole chilli rings and toasted almond flakes.

The range contains nine variants including favourites such as Tikka Masala, Jalfrazi, Balti and Korma, which will maintain their RSP of £1.99.

Matt Brown, Head of Marketing for Premier Foods Sauces Category, explains; “Loyd Grossman sauces have always featured the most premium ingredients and recipes, which are developed with Loyd. The new range is even more high-quality, with delicious ingredients that consumers will love. We are confident that all the improvements we are making across the Loyd Grossman range will prove hugely popular.”


18 November 2008

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