15 September 2008

Hovis confirms place in history with epic £15m advertising campaign

Hovis has launched an epic £15m advertising campaign, featuring a monumental 122-second advertisement, showcasing over 100 years of British history.

Hovis is leveraging its brand heritage with an epic advertising campaign set to revolutionise the £1.6bn bread category. The £15m campaign, which will reinforce the strength of the Hovis brand, features a monumental 122-second advertisement, showcasing over 100 years of British history.

Filmed in Liverpool, with a cast of over 750 extras – many of which are ordinary Brits cast off the streets, the ad shows the main character travelling through British history.  It depicts the highs and lows of the last 120 years - including two World Wars, the suffragette march, England winning the World Cup, the first motor car, the swinging sixties, the 1953 coronation and the 1970’s miners’ strike. It ends with the poignant message ‘As good today as it’s always been’ reinforcing Hovis’ strong brand heritage and marking the beginning of a new Hovis era. 

The campaign broke with a 122 second ad in the much sought after Coronation Street spot on Friday 12 September, with shorter 90” and 10” versions running until December. It will be supported by a heavyweight press ad campaign, POS and a four-week cinema screening from 12 September.

Hovis marketing director, Jon Goldstone, said: “This advertising campaign is a significant move for both the bread and the advertising industry within the UK. It encapsulates the Hovis heritage and reaffirms the strength of the brand, positioning us a leader within the bread category.”

The advertising campaign is one element of a larger strategy, by brand owner Premier Foods - the UK’s No.1 Food Manufacturer - to rejuvenate the Hovis brand, worth £380m, and drive category growth.

Earlier this month Hovis extended and improved its range of 400g loaves with the introduction of four brand new SKUs, including the iconic Hovis Little Brown Loaf.

Click here to visit the Hovis website and view the new ad.

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