12 July 2012

Enjoy a taste of Britishness with brand new Bisto Stock Melts

They said it could never be done. But Bisto Stock Melts has shown how teamwork can overcome even the trickiest of product launches.

2012 has been a great year to be British and if you’re feeling the swell of pride why not indulge in some tasty British dishes made with new Bisto Stock Melts. Thanks to Bisto it’s now easier than ever to prepare great tasting British meals that the whole family will enjoy.

Bisto is using its expertise to make everyday meals taste even better.  New Bisto Stock Melts are little portions of concentrated stock that contain real meat juices, herbs and seasoning to deliver extra depth of flavour and enhance dinnertime dishes with a richer taste.  What is more, they’re lower in salt than Knorr Stock Pots so you can feel confident with what you’re feeding your family.

Whether your family enjoys traditional British fare such as home-made soups, pies and casseroles, or meals from other cuisines which have become British favourites like spaghetti bolognese or chicken risotto, there’s a Bisto Stock Melt flavour to suit everyone. 

Packed in individual pots, Bisto Stock Melts can be added directly in your cooking without the need to dilute them first – so no mess, no fuss – they just melt deliciously rich deep flavour directly into your home cooked meals. Available in supermarkets from early September 2012 in packs of six for £1.89. Make sure you look out for Bisto Stock Melts and make your home-cooked meals taste even more delicious with no fuss.


Notes to editors:

• Bisto Stock Melts are available in all major supermarkets from September with an RRP of £1.89
• Bisto Stock Melts are available in three flavours: Beef, Chicken and Vegetable
• For more information, pack shots or recipe suggestions please contact:
Rachel Gurr, [email protected], 020 7611 3798 or
Julia Morgan, [email protected], 020 7611 3513

05 July 2012

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30 July 2012

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