03 January 2012

Ducan’t stick to Dukan and fad diets!

Research reveals British women can’t stick to the rigid regimes of fad diets with many putting on more weight after attempting them.

Research reveals British women can’t stick to the rigid regimes of fad diets with many putting on more weight after attempting them.

The average female dieter keeps the weight off for just three weeks when fighting the battle of the bulge, according to research out today by Hovis. Giving up goodies, avoiding the snack cupboard and saying no to carbs is all done in vain as the study reveals British ladies will notice the pounds creeping back on just 22 days after their diet ends. In fact, over a third (35%) of women claim they end up putting on more weight than they actually lost in the aftermath of a diet.

Pressure for quick results from crash dieting, avoiding whole food groups such as carbs and following diet fads like Dukan mean the average diet lasts just 15 days with just 20% of women reaching their target weight, while nearly half (49%) say they are permanently unhappy with their body shape. Dieting tactics vary with four out of ten (40%) women attempting to cut down on absolutely everything they eat, while nearly one in five (17%) follow fad plans like Dukan or Atkins – steering clear of a whole food group entirely.

Hovis commissioned the study of 2,000 women, in a bid to discover what would best motivate women to not only stop snacking, but start moving in 2012. The end result is the launch of the Hovis Wholemeal Gold Start Challenge Facebook app at Developed in conjunction with Hovis® Wholemeal bread ambassador and World and Olympic champion cyclist Victoria Pendleton it will provide women with a gold start to 2012 - encouraging them towards a brighter and lighter start to the year.

Temptation looms...
• The average woman loses 5.6lbs while dieting, but temptation always looms with six in ten diets (62%) ending in failure
• This prompts feelings of guilt (14%), shame (11%) and embarrassment (16%) at a lack of willpower
• On average it’s less than three weeks before women say they notice themselves putting the weight back on, with the average British woman gaining 4.7lbs post-diet

Carb cutting causes problems...
• Nearly half (48%) of the participants in the study said their failed dieting attempts came from trying to cut out all savoury snacks
• While one in three (33%) women tried to remove all bread from their diet
• Yet nearly one in four (24%) succumb, admitting bread is the food that breaks them with warm toast topping the list of the most popular comfort foods (22%) for those in need of cheering
• 55% think diets that cut out a whole food group, such as carbohydrates, are a faddy and will fail to keep the weight off in the long run

Hovis Wholemeal bread ambassador Victoria Pendleton said “It’s worrying to think that women put pressure on themselves to lose weight quickly and then suffer emotional repercussions if they give up or don’t see the desired results.  The secret to a healthy lifestyle is not crash diets, marathons or cutting out bread from your diet - in fact Hovis Wholemeal bread can actually help you achieve your healthy eating goals this New Year.”
She continues, “The basic facts are simple, Hovis Wholemeal bread is rich in fibre which can help you feel fuller for longer - I have it for breakfast and it stops me snacking.

The app features a range of delicious Hovis Wholemeal recipes to ensure you get the right start to the day and practical exercises to build into your daily routine along with tips, support and motivation from me. I’m going for gold this year and now women across the UK have the chance to go for their personal gold with the Hovis Wholemeal Gold Start Challenge!

A trial conducted on behalf of Hovis showed that 64% of women who swapped their regular breakfast for Hovis Wholemeal bread felt fuller for longer and 86% agreed that eating Hovis Wholemeal bread for breakfast helped them snack less on naughty treats in-between breakfast and lunch.

To go for your personal gold this 2012, sign up to the Hovis Wholemeal Gold Start Challenge app at


For more information, recipes & images contact: Missy Mailly-Thompson / Gemma Clarkson
@ Frank PR on 0207 693 6999 or e-mail [email protected]

Notes to editors:
This January Hovis Wholemeal Gold Start Challenge is encouraging women to try Hovis Wholemeal for breakfast and provides a range of quick & tasty recipes that provide a great start to the day and are around 300-350 calories. Just two slices of Hovis Wholemeal provides your daily intake of wholegrain and its rich in fibre which may help you feel fuller for longer and could help you stop snacking.

Hovis Wholemeal is available from Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda, Morrisons, Somerfield, Waitrose, Co-op, Budgens and other independent food outlets across the UK.

Victoria Pendleton is a British Olympic and world champion track cyclist and face of the Hovis Wholemeal Campaign.

15 December 2011


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