21 March 2012

Celebrity dads are moulding the modern day man

Welcome a new wave of domestic gods.

Welcome a new wave of domestic gods.

• One in five (17 per cent) mums cite Jamie Oliver as their ’dad icon’, with David Beckham coming a close second (12 per cent) and Peter Andre third (just over 11 per cent) 
• Men in Liverpool are the most modern dads with 66 per cent cooking the family dinner over three times a week
• Four in 10 young dads cook the family dinner every day
• Nine in 10 mums are confident in their partner’s cooking abilities

New research released today from OXO reveals how today’s dads are taking more responsibility in the kitchen as mums look to ‘modern day men’ in line with celebrity dad role models.  

Jamie Oliver is the most admired celebrity dad by mums with almost one in five (17 per cent) viewing him as a “dad icon” and a further 12 per cent upping the pressure by comparing their man to David Beckham.

The study has revealed that young dads (18 – 34 years) in particular have upped their game when it comes to household chores such as cooking, with four in 10 now cooking for the family every single day. What is more, almost two thirds (62 per cent) confirmed they take responsibility for the household cleaning and take pleasure in having this role in the family.

Christine Webber, psychotherapist, broadcaster and writer, says:  “Nowadays, there are plenty of high-flying women in the work place who often have partners working from home. These men often assume the main responsibility for cooking in the evenings and for much of the child care.”

65 per cent of mums say they don’t feel protective of their role in the kitchen and like the new domestic role that dads have today.  Further, a huge 91 per cent of mums say they feel confident in their partners cooking ability.
Liverpool men top the list of domestic gods with 66 per cent having evolved from ‘hunter-gatherer’ to doing the family cooking more frequently than any other UK city.

A generation or two ago, dads were often shadowy figures who disappeared at dawn and returned at dusk.  Their role within the family was often relegated to breadwinner and disciplinarian but nowadays dad is more involved in the day-to-day running of family life. The research shows however that even dads of that generation are now changing their ways, with two thirds of older dads (aged 45 – 54 years) confirming they have found a new lease of life and have started to get involved in the duties they typically left for ‘mum’ when they were younger.

Christine continues: “There has been a huge shift in what we perceive as a ‘typical’ family, so it’s really appropriate that commercials, such as the new OXO ad, move with the times. “

Top 10 places in the UK to find a ‘modern man’*:

1. Liverpool
2. Belfast
3. Coventry
4. Cambridge
5. Plymouth
6. Southampton
7. Swansea
8. Birmingham
9. Brighton
10. Newcastle
* Most likely to be found in the kitchen on a regular basis!


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Survey of 2,000 people conducted by One Poll, March 2012

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