19 April 2016

America hot for British curry as Sharwood’s exports curry night to US

As more and more Americans develop a taste for Indian food, Sharwood’s, Britain’s longest established Indian food brand, is introducing the delights of the great British curry night.

And to support Sharwood’s in its quest, the Rt Hon Elizabeth Truss MP, Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, will be hosting her own curry evening at the Deputy Ambassador’s Residence in Washington, DC, where local chefs will serve tikka masala, korma, and jalfrezi to a group of special guests. The event is part of an official Ministerial visit to showcase British food and drink exports in the US.

Environment Secretary Elizabeth Truss said:

“Curry is a great part of Britain’s rich and diverse food heritage, as much a part of our culture as roast dinners and cream tea. It’s wonderful to see an iconic British brand like Sharwood’s bringing this classic dish to the US and adding some spice to the American diet with the Great British curry night.  
“Sharwood’s sauces are a fantastic example of the creativity and innovation typical of Great British Food. I want to see more companies introducing classic British tastes to American dinner tables, turbocharging our exports and adding to the £2 billion of top quality British food and drink we already sell to the US.”

Indian food is now the fastest growing cuisine in the US, up by 10% last year , and Sharwood’s is driving much of that growth, up 32% throughout the last year. The best-selling item in the range, Tikka Masala simmer sauce, is growing at a rate of 43%, and Sharwood’s has plans to spice things up even further this summer, with the introduction of Vindaloo and Madras sauces into the US market.

“It’s hard to believe, but many Americans have still never tasted Indian food” said Alex Olszowka, International Marketing Director, at Premier Foods, which produces Sharwood’s. “But we know that when they taste curry, they love it!  So what better way to watch a big game or the latest hit sitcom with family and friends than with a tasty curry washed down with a cold beer.”

Switching Americans onto Indian food is one part of Premier Foods’ international expansion plans. A dedicated international team has been established to drive its brands in the US, which includes trialling a range of Mr Kipling pies. 

21 April 2016

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