05 September 2012

We're back on TV!

This week, both our Sharwood’s and Hovis brands have made a return to our TV screens.

This week, both our Sharwood’s and Hovis brands have made a return to our TV screens. Earlier in the year, our Sharwood’s Wrap Kits were featured not only on TV but in press advertorials, on-line, in-store and a word of mouth campaign saw 5000 people across the UK holding Wrap Kit parties on the same night. This second burst of TV activity for the new range, which was launched in February this year, is all part of our gold standard new product development support for this power brand. Over the next two months there will be a combination of 30 and 10 second TV ads to remind consumers that Sharwood’s offers a great new way to eat fajitas. The 30 seconds ad will focus on the range while the 10 second version will concentrate on the Sweet Chilli and Tikka products. The range so far has taken an 8% share of the meal kits market and has really driven category growth – with three-quarters of the brand’s sales being incremental to the category.Look out for the ads during the X factor, Coronation Street, Emmerdale and the Paralympics and if you have not yet tried them, why not discover our Sharwood’s Wrap Kits tonight! Our  Hovis Farmers Loaf ad is also back on TV this week and first made its debut earlier this year during the final of Britain's Got Talent in May. The ad will run from now until 7 October and with 30 and 10 second edits of the advert, the heavy weight campaign will ensure that 80% of the people see the ad at least once. Made from Britain’s best wheat the loaves are baked in embossed Hovis tins, with a traditional overhang and flour dusted crust to deliver more bite and flavour, appealing to consumer demand for tradition and nostalgia.  So look out on your TV screens for the ad, which depicts the heart-warming relationship between a farming father and son. The ‘Farmer’s Lad’ earns his father’s respect through determination to make him proud, enforcing the hard work and effort that goes into every Hovis 100% British Farmers Loaf.

18 September 2012

Bisto team up with Working Families to promote work/life balance

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