05 December 2014

Supplier comments on Invest for Growth Programme

Read some supplier comments on our Invest for Growth Programme.

Jigsaw, a provider of large-scale managed transport solutions in the UK:
“I would like to express my support for Premier Foods and confirm that the recent supplier initiative has had a very positive impact on our business. Prior to the Invest in Premier Foods Programme, Jigsaw was one of a large number of transport suppliers in UK. We have always enjoyed an excellent relationship with Premier Foods but this programme has given Jigsaw a platform on which to significantly grow turnover with one of the largest food suppliers in the UK market. Increased revenues have presented additional employment opportunities with our Premier Foods contract team almost doubling from 8 FTEs to 14 FTEs. Investment in IT systems has followed with Jigsaw now able to offer  enhanced IT solutions to Premier Foods to enable more efficient operations. Through supplier consolidation, previously complex transport operations in the Premier Foods network  have now been simplified enabling efficiency gains in terms of reduced cost and more importantly reduced road miles.”
Andy Humpherson, Managing Director
01530 276458

Allied Protek Engineering, a medium sized engineering, design and management company based in Grimsby:
"We were invited to join Premier Foods Investing for Growth Programme in 2013. Since making a small investment, Premier has not only awarded us more business direct, but has actively promoted our services to overseas based equipment manufacturers who have engaged us to install their equipment on a number of Premier Foods' sites. Our turnover related to business with Premier Foods has increased 6 fold in the past 14 months from c.£0.3M pre-investment to c.£1.8M currently. This increased trading has contributed to a substantial growth in our business allowing us to increase our workforce, creating 22 additional full time positions in the past 12 months. An increase of 20%."
Paul Wilson, Managing Director
Allied Protek Engineering
07746 140500

Robot Food, a food branding agency:
“We are supportive of Premier Foods. We have a good relationship with the company and in 2014 won Premier supplier of the year award. Working with Premier has raised our profile amongst our peers and hopefully with other potential clients. This growth has enabled three new employees this year and we are hoping to take on two more early in 2015.”
Simon Forster, Managing Creative Director
Robot Food
+44 (0)1132 453500
Olympus Automation, a company providing leading process & automation solutions to the food industry:
“OAL group have been a long term supplier of advanced bulk material systems to Premier for the past 20 Years. Premier discussed that they wanted to find savings in the supply chain by rationalising the number of suppliers, in return for increased business levels. OAL Group were initially sceptical; but after seeing the investment for growth plans fully engaged in the program. Taking a long term view we regarded the Premier initiative being much more transparent and less costly than rebate programs adopted by some other manufactures. As a preferred supplier our sales costs with Premier have reduced far more than the investment we made; making it a win win for all parties. OAL group turnover with Premier has gone up to £2.4 million YTD since making the investment.”  
Harry Norman, Managing Director
OAL Group
01733 394700
Sartorius Intec, a provider of laboratory and process technologies and equipment:
“Sartorius Intec have been a supplier to Premier Foods for several years. Our business with Premier in recent years has been small (<£20k p.a.) and restricted to conducting the servicing and calibration of some of Premier's range of product inspection equipment. Since making an Investment for Growth payment to Premier in 2013, we have seen a significant increase in enquiries and subsequent orders from Premier amounting to approximately £500k year to date. Having watched the report as a supplier I can say that to me, this is no different to us spending money on marketing, but the return on investment against any previous spend on marketing has been significantly higher over a shorter period of time. If at the same time we can ensure the future growth of both companies then this can only be a benefit.”
Colin Maher, General Manager
Sartorius Intec
07850 036977

Sleaford, supplier of high quality ingredients for the food manufacturing and catering industries:
“Year on Year growth with Premier Foods has increased by 26%. We have been offered and experienced new opportunities for growth as a result of our participation. As part of this growth it has enabled us to increase our headcount by approx 10%. We are a UK based sourcing and manufacturing company which achieved approx £40 million turnover for our last financial year and currently employs approx 120 staff.  We believe as a result of this participation our relationship with Premier Foods has developed and we trust this will continue over the coming years. We have always found the people within Premier to be honest and open whilst developing this relationship."
James Arnold, Managing Director
01529 305000

National Flexible, a packaging supplier  - click here
Barry Twigg, CEO
National Flexible

Pulse Media, artwork and reprographics specialists:
“Following on from the BBC Newsnight programme last night Pulse Media would like to take this opportunity to confirm our continued support for Premier Foods. Pulse Media have enjoyed a long and successful relationship with Premier Foods having been a supplier of artwork and repro services to the company for over 25 years. During this period we feel that our relationship has grown to a level of mutual respect and trust that allows both parties to benefit and grow.
Over the years both companies have experienced difficult trading periods and have shown the strength of their relationship in supporting each other through these periods. This support has enabled our company to continually invest in the latest technologies and through this investment offer Premier Foods the benefits this technology brings.

As you can imagine, in our time we have dealt with literally thousands of Premier employees across the complete spectrum of your business, head office factory, distribution, project management, sales and marketing and have always been treated as a valuable asset rather than a mere supplier.

One of the key strengths of Premier is the empowerment that allows your suppliers to contribute and make a difference to your business. We acknowledge that this often requires more character than the outside world appreciates and that we hope we will be able to continue to support you for the next 25 years.”
Keith Mollan, Manging Director
Pulse Media
0161 432 2225 

Feedback from State Of Flux, a procurement and supply chain consultancy:
"This summer Premier Foods engaged State of Flux to run a Voice of the Supplier study. Investing in this research enabled Premier Foods to gather direct and anonymous feedback from their key suppliers via us as an independent organisation.
Each year State of Flux conducts a global study on leading practices in Supplier Relationship Management, which this year included responses from over 500 international organisations. We found that only 43% of companies have gathered supplier feedback in the last 12 months and even less in a formalised structured manner through a Voice of the Supplier study. Premier Foods is amongst the minority of companies that have taken the steps to formally listen to their key suppliers.
The anonymous feedback from the Voice of the Supplier study was used to shape a Premier Foods supplier day, which I attended. This supplier day was very well run and allowed suppliers to gain insight into Premier Foods plans and upcoming activities. We felt it was a great example of how to run a supplier day and communicate openly with key suppliers. As such, it is featured as a case study in our 2014 Global SRM Research Report."
Alan Day, Chairman and founder
State of Flux Limited

The results of the independent Voice of the Supplier survey, referenced above, showed:

  • Suppliers believe that their relationship with Premier Foods is ‘good’ or ‘very good’ (91%), the relationship is characterised by trust and fairness (76%), and that team members from both sides work well together (87%).
  • 85% of suppliers interviewed consider Premier Foods a customer of choice (a company that, through its practices and behaviours, consistently positions itself to receive preferential access to resources, ideas and innovations from its key suppliers that give it a competitive advantage).

STRENGTHS (All scores out of 10)

  • General relationship 
    Premier Foods is rated highest for its general relationship compared to competitors, and is identified as a ‘customer of choice’ by suppliers. (8.76; 8.48)
  • General relationship
    Supplier relationships are characterised by trust and fairness. (7.84)
  • Operational efficiency
    Team members from both companies work well together and communication at an operational level is open and effective. (8.35; 8.00)
  • Growth and innovation
    Suppliers feel they work particularly well with group procurement and supply chain management. (8.25; 8.12)
  • Growth and innovation
    Suppliers are very likely to take their latest innovation to Premier Foods first. 8.40
  • Many of Premier Foods’ strengths lie in the general relationship shared with suppliers. One supplier said the following on their relationship with Premier Foods: “It is a very strong relationship that has been forged over many years and both companies have grown together and have mutual respect for one another.”
  • This feedback was shared with suppliers at the Premier Foods annual Supplier Conference. 

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