24 February 2017

Perfect your pancakes with McDougalls

If you want to avoid botched batter and ‘flipping’ failures this Pancake Day, look no further than to our brand new McDougalls Pancake Mixes.

Available in two popular variants - Classic Pancake Mix for continental style crepes and American Pancake Mix for thicker pancakes ideal for stacking - we’ve well and truly got Pancake Day covered!

Grace Liljemark, Brand Director of Desserts and Baking shares the inspiration for the range: “Pancake Day is responsible for the biggest sales week in the Baking calendar and sees a huge spike in online pancake recipe searches highlighting how people don’t necessarily know how to make up good quality batter mixes. It’s the ideal time for us to launch McDougalls Pancake Mixes, giving consumers great-tasting Classic and American pancakes without having to make them from scratch or compromise on quality and taste.”

Making the perfect pancake… tips from our Head Chef
If you’re feeling brave and want to make your pancake batter from scratch, follow our Head Chef’s step-by-step guide in the short video below.


27 February 2017

Prepare to go potty for Angel Delight!

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