26 November 2012

New mobile site impresses

We have recently optimised our corporate website to accommodate smaller screen sizes.

Following the successful launch of its new website over the summer, we have now optimised the site to provide users with a layout and functionality that complements a smaller screen size using ‘responsive’ design technology. The design allows the website to adapt to any screen size by automatically resizing and moving content around to give the user the best experience.  It is considered to be the future of web design because of its flexibility across different devices, screen sizes and browsers. The challenge for us was to provide visitors with a good experience, no matter what device they view it on. We’ve been able to maintain the visual design of the new website while making key messages more prominent and giving users an easy-to-use navigation for smaller screens. We worked with Cite, a Leicester-based digital agency, to design the new website as well as the responsive element.   Dafydd Prichard, Managing Director, Cite, said: “With mobile-Internet expected to overtake desktop-Internet usage by 2014, it is important that company websites provide a good experience to all audiences.”

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