18 October 2016

Introducing our new OXO family…

Our beloved OXO brand is back on TV this month with the first of two new heart-warming ads featuring our brand new OXO family. 

Since the 1950s our OXO ads have been famous for reflecting contemporary family life, and we hope our new ads will equally strike a chord with modern day families in the UK. What can you expect?... mum and dad sharing the cooking and household chores, kids communicating via social media, non-stop schedules and a more relaxed parenting style!

Speaking about the positive feedback from consumers on the new ads, our OXO Brand Director Helen Touchais said: “We recognise that the more traditional roles within the typical British family have changed. Our consumer research shows that the new OXO family and the dynamic between them really resonated and reminded them of their own home life. They all think of the 80s and 90s OXO family fondly and are delighted to welcome a new modern family for the 21st century.”

Meet the family... 

Our new OXO family features mum, dad, three children and a pet rabbit named Mr Jefferson. They’re a close-knit team - chaotic and imperfect with teasing and the occasional strop, and off course a lot of life, energy and love. 

Our OXO mum is played by Manchester based mother of four and stage actress Morag Peacock, who confesses her new role isn't too different from her everyday life. And our OXO dad is played by tv soap actor Miles Keogh. Thrilled to become a part of the OXO family, Miles commented “I grew up watching the adverts in the 80s, they were absolutely brilliant; a British institution. Everyone remembers the Oxo adverts very fondly and I hope the next generation do too.”

See the family in action by watching our two new OXO ads that we've shared on the homepage of our website...

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