06 June 2012

Cherry Bakewell crowned the nation's favourite!

We’ve know that people are pretty passionate about Mr. Kipling cakes. And now the votes are in for the favourite!

We’ve know that people are pretty passionate about Mr. Kipling cakes to the point that they will happily talk about their favourites, promote them and defend them. This enthusiasm for cakes was harnessed in an innovative marketing campaign by the Mr Kipling team this summer, who came up with the idea of hosting a Mr Kipling Cup, where the nation voted for their favourite cake through Facebook.

The nation voted in their thousands and from the outset, the Cherry Bakewell looked like a very strong contender. The final came to an end in June, with the Pink French Fancy and the Cherry Bakewell battling it out for the title of the nation’s favourite Mr Kipling cake. Throughout the tournament, short animations were produced to celebrate the winners and commiserate with the losers.

The social media campaign proved to be a resounding success, with just over 10,000 people registering and almost 60,000 votes being placed over the three week campaign. Alongside the campaign there were a selection of Facebook sponsored adverts, which attracted 30,000 new fans to the page - an excellent achievement. Five lucky cake lovers even won a year’s supply of cake with another fifty people winning four packs of cakes for referring 10 or more people to the tournament! The Kipling Cup was also given a boost by a link-up with the Tesco Facebook page, where fans were able to vote and win one of 10,000 vouchers of the winning cake. They also had the opportunity to win a day with the Cake-to-Go van, through a bespoke Kipling Cup app.

Almost 1000 entries were received for the ompetition with 7000 people using the app. The day Tesco launched the competition, their post got a massive 8000 ‘likes’ and 200+ comments proving that people really are passionate about Mr. Kipling and his cakes!  Thanks to everyone who joined in and if you voted Cherry Bakewell – congratulations!

12 June 2012

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