02 August 2012

Carlton's hot water goes green

The latest in energy saving technology has just been switched on at Carlton, making our Mr. Kipling site even greener.

The latest in energy saving technology has just been switched on at Carlton, making the Mr. Kipling site even greener. Site Environmental Co-ordinator, Lee Haughton explained: "Carlton only uses 30% of natural gas to run their cake ovens.  The other 70% is used to heat the factory and offices and produce steam.  With gas prices rising all the time, something had to be done to reduce our site gas bill".

"The Green Matters team successfully applied for the money to install a Flue-Ace system to our two boilers, turning them into condensing boilers and making them much more fuel efficient. The manufacturer, Thermal Energy International is so confident that the upgrade will save us money that they have guaranteed us payback of our investment in 1.8 years, or they will pay us back the difference!" Site Services Manager, Jamie Rhodes who managed the installation explained: "The Flue-Ace takes the heat from the exhaust gases and re-uses the otherwise wasted heat. 

The amount of heat recovered is so great, that the hot water from the Flue-Ace is now fed into the radiators in the engineering offices.  Our engineers are now going to be kept warm this winter from 100% recovered waste heat."   Lee said: "In the first week of it running, the Flue-Ace recovered 39,000 kWh worth about £800.  And that is in the middle of summer when we are not using the heating.  It could more than treble that amount in the middle of winter.  We estimate that at current gas prices the Flue-Ace will save us £110,000 per year, which is around 7.5 million kWh of gas meaning that Carlton will release around 1750 tonnes less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere!  Being Green Really Does Matter!"

25 July 2012

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02 August 2012

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