05 May 2015

Cadbury rolls out the joy

We’re re-launching our delicious, iconic Cadbury Mini Rolls with new flavours, new packaging and brand new TV advertising.

All about the flavour

We know that fans of our Mini Rolls love a bit of fun, so we’ve developed a ‘joyful’ range of new flavours that consumers will love! In addition to the original milk chocolate flavour, we’re adding raspberry and chocolate orange to the core range of Mini Rolls. We’ve also have two special edition flavours for a limited time only, so make sure you try our banana and cola flavours while you can!

The packaging refresh for the whole range is bolder, brighter, and filled with colour, helping the brand stand out to shoppers on shelf. And to emphasise that while Mini Rolls remain hugely popular with the children, they’re also for the big kids in the family who like a fun treat now and again!

Back on TV

At the beginning of May our Mini Rolls returned to TV screens for the first time in over 8 years. The 4 week campaign is a ‘Starsky and Hutch’ twist on an everyday moment. In the ad Dad makes sure he is the last one to leave the house so he can enjoy a delicious Cadbury Mini Roll. Once Dad has taken a bite he’s overcome with a #FreeTheJoy moment….we’re sure this ‘joyful’ ad will make you smile!

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