20 May 2015

Bisto Together Project

Our innovative Bisto Simply Casserole Pastes are made with real meat juices, herbs, seasoning and vegetable purees. They come in a premium foil pouch so they stay fresh for longer. They’re perfect for quickly adding depth of flavour to help make home cooked meals for family and friends extra delicious.

But we know many people can struggle to share a home cooked meal with their loved ones because they’re separated by work commitments or by long distances. With this in mind, when we launched our new Bisto Simply range in August 2014, we also launched our Bisto Together Project. We set ourselves a mission to help bring people together, whatever the barriers, over a home cooked Bisto Simply meal. 

We first reacted to research that said many families struggled to eat a family meal together because they simply didn’t have the space for a family table. So we gave 100 people some very special space-saving Bisto tables in London. But we knew we could do more. 

Bringing people together

So, through our Bisto Together Project we reached out to consumers to find out who we could help bring them together with over a home-cooked meal. We were overwhelmed by the response. It’s been a huge success!

So far, we’ve help reunite two sisters, separated by over 3,000 miles, for the first time in 14 years. We’ve brought together a group of friends who hadn’t seen each other since their days in the Blidworth mines 15 years ago. We’ve reunited a family separated for months at a time by the dad’s work in the Arctic Circle. And we created a very special moment for a couple separated by a long and gruelling rowing expedition.

You can see all of these stories in full on our Bisto Together Project website. And look out for more great stories in the future.

24 June 2015

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