30 September 2015

Bakewell is the UK's top tart!

In a poll by the Daily Mail, the Bakewell tart has been voted the nation's favourite baked treat. More than a quarter of those who took part in the poll named it as their best-loved delicacy.

The Daily Mail poll identified the Bakewell as the UK's favourite, taking over from last year's winner, the Eccles cake.

Our Cherry Bakewells are lovingly made by our bakers at our Stoke factory of light pastry, filled with almond sponge, a layer of fruity plum & raspberry jam, and topped with soft icing and a tangy cherry. 

Made with love by our dedicated bakers, they've long been a mainstay of Mr. Kipling's range of delicious cakes.

As the Daily Mail notes, the Bakewell is variously believed to have been invented in either the 1860s or as long ago as medieval times. 

So it's fantastic to see this classic cake being recognised by the UK as their favourite, whether it's Mr. Kipling’s individual Cherry Bakewells, or tasty versions of all shapes and sizes made by talented bakers all over the country. 

Here’s to the  Bakewell, our favourite treat!

24 September 2015

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