24 July 2017

Ambrosia marks 100 year anniversary with Royal celebration

The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall visit Devon creamery to celebrate the centenary of Ambrosia.

Since 1917, the magical tastes of Ambrosia have been made among the rolling hills of Devon and enjoyed by households across the nation. To celebrate the much-loved British brand turning 100, TRH The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall attended a special birthday event at the Lifton Creamery in Devon, to learn about all aspects of Ambrosia life.

They met with descendants of Ambrosia’s founder, Alfred Morris, generations of long-serving employees, local dairy farmers and members of the community, to hear about Ambrosia’s fascinating history, product innovations and growth plans for the future. The Royal couple were also invited to cut a very special celebration cake – the key ingredient being Ambrosia custard of course!
Aptly named after ‘the food of gods’ in Greek mythology, Ambrosia was founded in 1917 by Alfred Morris to make dried infant milk from the tasty and nutritious milk of Devonshire cows. Soon after, Alfred started looking for ways to share the velvety taste of Devon with an even wider audience and the Ambrosia household name was born.
Despite its popularity as a dessert, even by the 1930s, no manufacturer had yet managed to produce pleasant tasting rice pudding in a 'ready to eat' format. But in 1937, Ambrosia discovered a breakthrough process and Ambrosia Creamed Rice Pudding was born. They sealed uncooked clean rice and warm milk into cans before heating, so the rice pudding cooked in the can. This locked in the delicious flavour and preserved the product until the can was opened and heated again in the customer’s home.  Although machinery and ingredients have been updated, it's still made using the same method today and at the Lifton creamery.
But Ambrosia didn't stop at Rice Pudding and over the years expanded the range to include Ambrosia Tapioca and Semolina products, still available and loved today. 
Delicious Ambrosia Devon Custard was introduced in the 1960s, quickly becoming the market leader.  Over 40 years later and Ambrosia's unique combination of glorious Devon Milk has been developed and improved to ensure it remains the standard by which all other ready-made custards should be judged.  
But the innovations don’t stop there. In 2016, Ambrosia introduced Ambrosia Deluxe Custard, its creamiest most luxurious custard ever, coming in three delicious flavours: Vanilla with Clotted Cream, Vanilla with Creamy Toffee and Vanilla with Salted Caramel. This is to be followed later this year with the launch of Ambrosia Deluxe Rice Pudding, both products proudly made by the dedicated team at the Lifton creamery. 
Made using fresh Devon milk and cream and promising a delectably smooth and silky texture, Ambrosia Frozen Custard was launched in 2016, in four delicious flavours including Vanilla, Vanilla with Strawberry Marble, Vanilla with Chocolate Swirl and Vanilla with Chunky Fudge. It's perfect for sharing, or as a way of topping off your favourite desserts.
Some fascinating facts about Ambrosia:
- Over 130 million Ambrosia desserts are sold in the UK each year
- Over 600,000 portions of Ambrosia custard and rice pudding are eaten in the UK each day – that’s 7 per second! 
- The Ambrosia factory produces 250 million desserts every year, of which 127 million are cans 
- The creamery uses 67 million litres of milk every year 
- Each can of Ambrosia custard and rice pudding contains over a glass of milk (std 300ml) 
- Ambrosia Creamed Rice uses the same production method today as it did in 1937
- The factory employs 320 highly skilled employees and supports local suppliers including 15,000 milk farms
- Over 70 people have worked at the Devon factory for more than 25 years and a few at 50 years 
- Rice pudding has been around in the UK since the 1600s and is traditionally made with pudding rice, milk, cream and sugar. Many countries around the world have their own recipe 
- Custard has been around since Roman times and certainly since the Middle Ages. There are countless different forms in cuisines around the world
- Custard has become a part of British life, and is loved by many celebrities including actors Tom Hiddleston and Eva Green
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