10 February 2017

The history of Ambrosia Custard and Rice Pudding

In 2017 we're celebrating the centenary year of our Ambrosia brand and our Creamery in Lifton, Devon that has exclusively made our delicious Ambrosia products since 1917. 

amb-3-ADJUSTED-(1).jpgNamed after ‘the food of the gods’, Ambrosia was founded by Alfred Morris (right) to make dried infant milk from the tasty and nutritious milk of Devonshire cows. 

Sales soon built up and so Alfred started looking for more ways to share the velvety taste of Devon with consumers and some household names were shortly born...


Delicious Creamed Rice

It’s hard to find a country that doesn’t have its own variant of rice pudding, a dish that’s been prepared in many different ways in countries across the world for centuries.The type of rice pudding we know best in the UK is made with pudding rice, milk, cream, and sugar, and has been around since the 1600s. 


Unique thinking

Despite its popularity as a dessert, even by the 1930s, no manufacturer had yet managed to produce pleasant tasting rice pudding in a 'ready to eat' format. Then Ambrosia had a brainwave which resulted in a unique process...

They sealed uncooked clean rice and warm milk into cans before heating, so the rice pudding cooked in the can. This locked in the delicious flavour and preserved the product until the can was opened and heated again in the consumers home. Ambrosia Creamed Rice was born in 1937 and although machinery and ingredients have been updated it's still made using the same method today and always at our Lifton creamery.


Nutritious and convenient

Ambrosia Rice Pudding is simply a cupboard essential. It's the perfect filling, comforting treat that's naturally low in fat, not too sugary, and quickly and easily prepared.

You can buy Ambrosia Rice Pudding in original and light versions in classic 400g cans, in 125g 4-pot packs, in 190g pots, in 120g single-serving pots in original, light, strawberry, apple and chocolate varieties, and in 55g mini-pots in original form. In short, there's an Ambrosia format to suit every meal occasion and every consumer! You can buy Ambrosia Rice Pudding in most retailers, and online from Asda, Morrisons, Sainsburys and Tesco.

Ambrosia - a broad and tasty range

But Ambrosia didn't stop at Rice Pudding, and over the years has expanded the range to include Tapioca and Semolina products, still available and loved today.
The Ambrosia range is truly packed with delights, and it’s not just Rice Pudding that’s a household name. Ambrosia Devon Custard is as well known, and just as loved...

Custard without compare

It’s believed that custard has been around since Roman times, and certainly since the Middle Ages, and there are countless different forms in cuisines around the world.

Custard has become simply a part of British life, and is beloved by many celebrities, including actors Tom Hiddleston and Eva Green, who has commented that 'British desserts with lots of custard are my biggest weakness'. 
Ambrosia introduced its delicious Devon Custard in the 1960s, quickly becoming the market leader. Over 40 years Ambrosia's unique combination of glorious Devon Milk has been developed and improved to ensure it remains the standard by which all other ready made custards should be judged.


As Rachel Matheson, Head of Operations at our Lifton Creamery says: 'Because of the constant improvements we've made over the last 40 years, in my opinion our Devon Custard is the closest thing you can get to homemade custard in a ready to use format'.
Ambrosia Devon Custard regularly beats competitors in blind taste tests and transforms all kinds of desserts and of course makes a delicious treat on its own. Ambrosia_Summer_Brioche.jpg

Packaged to suit you

Today you can buy Ambrosia Devon Custard in original and light versions in the classic 400g cans, in 500g resealable pots, and in 500g and 1kg cartons. It's available in 190g pots, in 125g 4-pot packs and in 120g single-serving pots in original, light, banana, strawberry and chocolate varieties. It's even available in 55g mini-pots, ideal for lunchboxes for the kids. Our delicious Ambrosia Devon Custard is available from most retailers, and you can also buy online from Asda, Morrisons, Sainsburys and Tesco.

Luxurious new Deluxe


That history of innovation continues, with the recently introduced Deluxe Custard, Ambrosia's creamiest, most luxurious custard ever. And of course it's still proudly made by our dedicated colleagues at our Lifton creamery...
Ambrosia Deluxe Custard comes in Vanilla with Clotted Cream, Creamy Toffee and Salted Caramel flavours, every one a lip-smacking treat. You can buy it in 400g cans or in 500g cartons for making desserts extra special. Or it's available in 150g single-serve pots for when you want a decadent delight on the go. Our luxurious Ambrosia Deluxe is available in many retailers, and online from Asda, Morrisons, Sainsburys and Tesco.


Innovation and change, but still the same!

It’s true that things have changed at our Lifton creamery. When it opened in a century ago just over 200 litres of milk were delivered a day, now it’s around 220,000 litres! The site has progressed from small scale manual production to highly automated, state of the art production lines that lock in the goodness of high quality ingredients.


But while ingredients and equipment have been updated over the years, Ambrosia Creamed Rice and Devon Custard, as well as all our Ambrosia range, is still made in essentially the same way it always was, and always by the loving efforts of our colleagues in Lifton.

Continuing innovation and a bright future

We’ve continued to innovate with Ambrosia and there’s more to come in this, Ambrosia’s centenary year. We'll be celebrating at our Lifton creamery all year, and with consumers with our new packaging and monthly competition, and with an exciting consumer campaign later in the year...

We’re proud of Ambrosia’s century of bringing the taste and flavour of the West Country to the whole of UK and the world. Here’s to a bright future for this much-loved brand, and for our dedicated colleagues at our Lifton creamery!

15 February 2017

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