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12 April 2018

​Cutting our CO2 emissions

Our sites are going green with Carlton, Worksop and Knighton now up and running with their electric vehicle charging points, with Stoke and St Albans in the process of getting theirs installed shortly.

We caught up with Company Environmental Management and Compliance Coordinator, Lee Haughton who has recently switched to an electric car on what it means for the environment. 

What are the benefits of using an electric vehicle over petrol/diesel?
“Using only electricity generated by renewables, I will save over 5 tonnes of CO2 emissions over the coming year. I have also changed my home electric supplier to a renewable energy only tariff, so now I drive between our sites on sunlight and wind power only “

How has it impacted on your job? 
“I was driving a diesel car between our sites, doing over 15,000 miles per year, the furthest drive is Carlton to Lifton, which is 300 miles, a 6 hour drive. With two 20 minute charge stops at service stations I can easily drive to Lifton with a couple of rest breaks in between"

Was there anything else that made you want to switch?
"Switching to an electric car is an easy way to be more energy conscious and save money in the long run too. Hopefully more people will change their car to electric, there are company car tax incentives and government grants to help with the fitting of chargers at your home.”

Lifton and Ashford have also planned to install electrical charging points within the next 12 months, making it even easier for suppliers and visitors to site to switch to electric vehicles. 


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