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22 November 2017

‚ÄčLimited edition Angel Delight White Chocolate

To help create excitement in the lead up to Christmas, our Angel Delight team have been championing fresh ideas with a new limited edition flavour made with real white chocolate ready to be whipped up with fresh milk. 
With no artificial flavours or colours and no added preservatives, the new white chocolate Angel Delight is a perfect treat for those whipped dessert fans who want to explore something different to their favourite butterscotch, milk chocolate or strawberry flavour instant treat.

Katy Holder, Senior Brand Manager - Desserts, explains a bit more about the extension to the range: “Limited editions help to create buzz and excitement around our brand and help increase stand out on shelf with consumers stopping to look and see what’s new from the range. White chocolate is great as a seasonal SKU as we can be creative with the visuals and tap into the winter theme over Christmas.” 

The next flavour planned is Peach & Raspberry, which will replace White Chocolate in Tesco in March 2018 and will be listed incrementally in Asda and Sainsbury’s. 

Pick up a pack in Tesco now!


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