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09 May 2017

Exciting consumers in Australia

Our International team excited consumers all the way Down Under with an in-store sampling campaign to drive awareness of our delicious Mr Kipling cakes. 

Taking place over two weeks in Australian customer Woolworths, the in-store sampling team attracted shoppers and encouraged consumer purchase. They created an eye-catching display stand and gave out more than 50,000 samples of our Mr Kipling slices including: Chocolate and Coconut oat slices, Lemon slices and our iconic Angel Slices. 

Kimberley Tonge, International Brand Manager, tells us more: “Australia's cake market is dominated by private label cake, whilst branded cakes are less familiar, Mr Kipling is leading the way in demonstrating what a strong cake brand can add to the Australian cake market. Sampling campaigns of our delicious yet unique cakes introduce the brand to mainstream Australian consumers and encourage trial purchase.”

The sampling event also generated direct feedback from shoppers on why they choose cakes and sweet treats, providing valuable consumer insight for the International team.


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