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14 March 2017

Exceedingly Good Easter Treats

Hopping on to the nation’s love of seasonal cakes, Mr Kipling has baked up a zesty array of cakes this Easter, with a couple of new surprises... 

New in 2017 are his Orange & Lemon Slices, offering a delicate lemon flavoured sponge topped with an orange flavour icing. His mouth watering Lemon Bakewells are back this Easter with delicious lemon sponge and curd nestled in a pastry case, topped with lemon flavour icing and gold and white sugar pieces.

Back by popular demand are the zingy Lemon Fancies, buttery Shortcake Lemon Whirls, and citrusy St Clement Slices. 

Confident the Easter range will prove a hit with consumers, Karmel Maletta, Innovation Controller for Mr Kipling and Cadbury said: “Our Mr Kipling cakes are firm family favourites so naturally lend themselves to Easter which our consumers consider a family-orientated occasion. In fact Mr Kipling and Cadbury combined own a whopping 80% share of the Easter cake market!”

Find them in store now! 


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