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Encourage healthier choices


We’re proud to produce great tasting and affordable British brands that consumers love and enjoy as part of a healthy, balanced diet. The health of our consumers matters to us and we believe industry and government must work
together to educate consumers on nutrition and make it easier for them to make informed choices. 

For many years, we’ve adapted our recipes to enhance their goodness and reduce things like salt, sugar and saturated fats. We've introduced better for you versions of some of our most popular ranges, all while never compromising on quality or taste, and we remain committed to ensuring our products are clearly labelled with nutrition information so consumers can make informed choices. We're also responsible when advertising and promoting our products, particularly when it comes to younger consumers. 

Here’s some of the things we've already done to encourage healthier choices:

red-petal-small.jpg  Over the last decade we’ve removed 1,000 tonnes of salt from our portfolio and introduced low salt versions of some of our most popular ranges including OXO stock cubes and Bisto gravy granules.
red-petal-small.jpg  We've reformulated many of our products to lower their sugar content, including our Mr Kipling Deep Filled Mince Pies and Apples Pies through which we achieved a 9.6% and 9% sugar reduction respectively. Against a base year of 2015, we're on track to remove 1,000 tonnes of sugar from our portfolio by the end of 2019. We also made category history and
launched the first ever ‘better-for-you’ version of an established cake range with the launch of our 30% reduced sugar Mr Kipling Angel and Chocolate slices in early 2019.
red-petal-small.jpg  All our cake and dessert products meet the calorie cap targets set by Public Health England in their sugar reduction programme. 
red-petal-small.jpg  60% of our cooking sauces (by volume sales) include the equivalent of ‘one of your five a day’ vegetables.
red-petal-small.jpg  We were one of the first food manufacturers to adopt the Government’s voluntary front of pack traffic light nutrition labelling scheme, and have since supported the Institute for Grocery Distribution (IGD) to develop best practice guidance to promote consistency across the industry with the aim of facilitating a better consumer understanding of the nutrition information provided. We were also the first company to begin implementing this new label format in line with the IGD guidance document following its publication in 2017. 
red-petal-small.jpg  We fortified our Ambrosia Mini Pots of rice and custard with essential Vitamin D ad we extended the range with two 30% sugar reduced custard variants.
red-petal-small.jpg  We partnered with the IGD during the development of their Healthy Eating in the Workplace programme. We’ve since rolled out healthier menu options across half of our site canteens, with a goal to extend to every Premier Foods location.

Ambitious new goals... 

We recognise that more must be done to promote healthier lifestyles, so we've set ourselves new long-term commitments to underpin our product development:  

red-petal-small.jpg Extend our range of healthier foods:
  • By 2025, every core range will include at least one better for you option. 
    (reduced/no added sugar, reduced salt, low in fat, low in calories, a wholegrain alternative to white, or free from key allergens) 
  • From 2019, introduce at least one new range each year that enables consumers to improve their diet by eating more vegetables, protein or fibre, or delivering products that are fortified for greater nutrition.  
red-petal-small.jpg Enhance the nutrition profile of our existing core range: 
  • Continue to work with Government to implement the Childhood Obesity Plan and their reformulation programmes (targeting salt, sugar and calorie reductions).
red-petal-small.jpg Educate our consumers and colleagues on the nutrition choices they are making to encourage healthier eating:
  • Continue to adopt clear and transparent labelling across our portfolio to help consumers easily understand their nutrition choices. 
  • Extend our Healthy Eating in the Workplace programme across all our sites by 2020.  


Case Study:
30% sugar reduced Mr Kipling Slices

angel_slice_reduced_sugar.pngIn 2019, our commitment to extend our range of healthier foods saw us launch the nation’s first ever better-for-you version of an established cake range, with our Mr Kipling 30% reduced sugar cake slices. First to land in market were our reduced sugar Mr Kipling Angel Slices, containing just 6.1g sugar and 100 calories per 24g slice, compared with 13.1g sugar and 139 calories in our original 33g slice. This was achieved through sugar reduction in both the cake batter and the mallow, and by replacing the layer of icing that traditionally tops the cake with icing decoration.  

Having proved popular with consumers, we’ve since extended the range to include 30% reduced sugar versions of both our Mr Kipling Chocolate Slices and, most recently, our Lemon Slices. Each individual cake slice across all three variants contains 100 calories or less, in line with Public Health England’s recommendation.  
Both our original and reduced sugar versions come in our handy snack pack format, which not only provides convenience for consumers on the go but also helps them manage their portion and calorie intake.


Case Study:
A better for you Indian meal from Sharwood’s 

sharwoods_less_fat_korma.pngIn 2018 we developed a ‘better for you’ range of our popular Sharwood’s Indian cooking sauces and accompaniments. The range included 30% Less Fat Korma and Tikka Masala cooking sauces, a 50% Wholewheat Naan Bread and Low Fat Plain Poppadoms. 

With just 4.4g and 3.9g of saturated fat per 100g in our reduced fat Korma and Tikka Masala cooking sauces respectively, they contain on average 60% less fat than their takeaway equivalent, meaning curry fans can have their favourite curry and still lead a balanced lifestyle.


Case study:
Extra veg in Homepride cooking sauces

homepride_extra_veg_sauces.pngIn 2016 we launched a tasty new range of Extra Veg Pasta Bake sauces from Homepride, designed to help parents up their children’s vegetable and therefore nutrient intake. Each includes 80g of ‘hidden’ veg per serving, the equivalent of ‘one of your five a day’.  

Available in 3 delicious variants including Tomato, Courgette & Pepper and Creamy Tomato, Mushroom and Spinach, the range also has no added sugar. 


Case Study:
Taking salt out of our portfolio

saxa_so_low_salt.pngWe have engaged with the Government’s salt reduction programme since its launch in 2006, and since that time have successfully removed 1,000 tonnes of salt from our portfolio. Our recent work has been in stealth salt reduction (gradually reducing salt levels without compromising on taste, flavour and quality), and through this we have removed 50 tonnes of salt from our cooking sauces, 230 tonnes from our baking goods and 255 tonnes from our pasta, noodles and rice portfolio. Specific examples of this work include a 10% salt reduction in our bestselling Loyd Grossman Basil and Tomato cooking sauce, an 11% salt reduction across our Oxo Stock Cubes range, and between a 15-26% salt reduction across our Bisto Best Gravy Granules range. 

Within this time we’ve also introduced low salt versions of some of our most popular ranges, including Bisto Gravy Granules, Oxo Stock Cubes, and most recently a low salt version of our SAXA salt brand, aptly named So-Low, and containing 50% less sodium than table salt. 

We are proud to be fully compliant with current Government salt targets for Breads, Ready Meals, Soup, Noodles & Pasta, Flavoured Rice and Sponge Puddings.


Case Study:
Vitamin D fortified Custard and Rice Pudding 

ambrosia_mini_pots.pngIn 2014, we launched our Ambrosia Mini Pots range - delicious pots of custard and rice pudding, specially formulated for young children with calcium and added vitamin D. 

Getting a good balance of all nutrients, vitamins and minerals is important to overall health, with calcium and vitamin D being vital for growth and development in young children. Often called the ‘sunshine vitamin’, Vitamin D is produced by our bodies when the skin is exposed to sunlight. However, in the winter when the sun’s rays are not strong enough, we need to get extra vitamin D from our diet.  

Bringing together calcium from dairy goodness and added vitamin D, our Ambrosia mini pots help support strong bones, and come in convenient small pot sizes suitable for younger appetites. 


Case Study:
Reduced sugar Mr Kipling Fruity Cake Slices 

mr_kipling_fruity_cake_slices.pngIn 2018 we rolled out a brand new three-strong range of reduced sugar fruity cake slices from Mr Kipling. Available in Smashing Strawberry, Rockin’ Raspberry and Awesome Apple flavours, the cakes contain real fruit, use only natural flavours and colours and contain no artificial sweeteners.   

With sugar levels ranging between 5.3g and 7.1g per 21g cake slice, they contain 30% less sugar than a standard Mr Kipling Angel Slice. And, in line with Public Health England's recommended 100 calorie cap for snacks, they have considerably fewer calories - just 84 and 85 calories per slice for Smashing Strawberry and Rockin’ Raspberry respectively, and 107 calories per slice for Awesome Apple. That’s compared with 139 calories for an Angel Slice.