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Please search current vacancies for opportunities to join our Graduate scheme in September 2019.


Our ‘Future Leaders’ Development Programme offers exciting opportunities for you to develop and make a real difference in Premier Foods.

The content of the programme will be driven by the function/business unit you join, however all programmes will have a rotational element and enable you to gain a broad exposure to our business: providing you with the knowledge and experience you need for a fast tracked career.

Following a four week induction programme which will include one week at Head Office and three weeks based across our manufacturing sites, you'll work within the specific function/business unit you have been recruited for.

This period (which will be up to two years) includes a dynamic and structured development programme delivering a high level of autonomy and responsibility from the start, which will test your tenacity, innovation and desire to achieve results. After successful completion of the programme you can expect a first appointment to a middle manager role with significant responsibility.

From the start you'll have access to a suite of skills development courses including presentations skills, time management and communication skills, as well as sponsored professional development.


What can you expect?

  • £28k and attractive benefits package including: 25 days holiday plus statutory holidays, pension scheme, life assurance, employee discount scheme
  • Sponsored professional development
  • A Business Mentor
  • 11 days of management development skills training including presentation, leadership performance management and communication skills
  • Participation in a CEO business project – putting everything you’ve learnt into use!
  • A community of like-minded fellow graduates who enjoy informal dinners and drinks and invitations to more formal events, charity dinners and sales or manufacturing conferences
  • Executive networking opportunities

Minimum Entry Requirements:

  • Three A Levels – minimum of 280 UCAS points gained
  • A relevant Degree (2:1 achieved or expected)
  • An understanding of the UK FMCG/Retail sectors
  • Clear career aspirations, demonstrated through employment/work experience gained outside of studies
  • High degree of commercial awareness and personal qualities in line with our values
  • The right to work in the UK and English speaking
  • UK driving license and a preparedness to relocate: you'll be required to spend time in other locations with overnight stays and/or six month placements which will be funded by us (details on the website)
  • Experience of leadership roles across sports, hobbies or other interests
  • Exposure to diversity e.g. community or charity work, travel and gap year experience

Hear from some of our colleagues who started out on the Premier Foods graduate scheme by clicking their photos...


Jess Kelly

Revenue Manager, Home Baking

What is your new job title and which team are you in?
Revenue Manager Baking within the Commercial Planning and Execution Team.

Which areas of the business have you worked in since the graduate scheme?
Upon completing the graduate scheme I moved into National Account Executive on Morrisons, one of the Top 4 Retailers. I was then promoted to National Account Manager on Morrisons for the Quick Meals, Snacks & Soups category. In this role I was responsible for managing and delivering the joint business plan with full P&L responsibility. I also worked to develop strong customer relationships, deliver compelling category plans, bring new products to market and implement annual promotional plans. My latest role is within Commercial Planning, a cross-functional move I have undertaken to widen my experience further. In this role I am responsible for building and maintaining the commercial plans for the Homebaking category. This includes commercialising NPD, setting promotional guidelines and monitoring performance and forecasts to deliver the commercial plan. One thing I love about this role is the variety of stakeholders I get to work with from factories, procurement, sales, marketing and the senior leadership team. It has given me great exposure across the business and invaluable skills and knowledge.

What was involved in the rotations of the graduate scheme and what things did you learn?
I completed 3 rotations across the commercial function, starting with 6 months in field sales predominantly within the wholesale channel to maximise revenue. This was then followed by a rotation within the Cooking Sauces Brand Team working across leading brands Sharwoods, Loyd Grossman and Homepride. My final rotation was in E-commerce supporting the online channel. These rotations enabled me to find out my strengths and what I enjoy, to ultimately find a role that is a good fit for both me and the company, when coming off the programme.

What was your favourite thing about the graduate programme and which aspect do you think has benefitted you the most for your current role?
The rotation programme was great in developing knowledge across multiple areas of the business. I enjoyed and learnt something valuable in all my rotations and the knowledge and contacts I picked up during my time on the programme have been extremely beneficial to my roles since. My field rotation gave me a great insight into our products and customers, from different product formats for different channels, to instore execution, the day to day store operations and challenges faced instore. My marketing placement was extremely beneficial in enabling me to bring a different perspective to my sales role, as I have an understanding of brand positioning, shopper behaviour and the innovation process a lot more. My ecommerce knowledge enabled me to ensure we launched successfully across both the instore and online channels within Morrisons. In my commercial planning role, I now touch all three of these areas on a day to day basis so I can now make more effective decisions through my knowledge of these areas.

Do you have any top tips for the graduates currently starting their rotation or any advice for those who are considering the Premier Foods graduate scheme?
Make the most of every rotation and go in with an open mind, you don’t always realise the value of the information you pick up until you move rotations. The rotational scheme is a great way to find out what areas you like/dislike and where your strengths lie; sometimes the areas you enjoy most aren’t always what you initially expect!

Any other thoughts on the Premier Foods graduate scheme and your journey with Premier Foods so far?
I really enjoyed the graduate scheme, the people at Premier Foods are really welcoming, this was one thing that stood out from the start and continues. Moving around departments has enabled me to develop a range of skills and knowledge and build good relationships across the business. This has helped me in every role – Sales and Commercial Planning were both completely new areas for me, and it was great to know I had support from teams across the business to help me learn the ropes! There is a great culture at Premier Foods – it has great brands, great people and really is an enjoyable place to work.

Ben Gregory

Online Channel Executive

How has your first few months been at Premier Foods? What have you found interesting and what has surprised you?
My first few months at Premier have been great! Having already completed my first rotation and moved on to my second, I've already had so much exposure to different areas of the business. I started off on field sales, so I got a really solid, hands-on experience of the business from a retail context, and now I've moved on to working within the Online team. As both roles work across multiple categories and retailers it's given me a really broad scope in to how we operate. One thing that's surprised me is definitely how broad our portfolio is, we have such a diverse range of products, a lot of which I wasn't even aware of!

What do you like most about working here or any aspect of your current role that you particularly enjoy?
As cliche as it sounds, the people are one of the best things about working at Premier. Everyone since starting has been really supportive and outgoing to ensure transition into the company is a smooth one. There's a lot of opportunity to interact at social events whether it's conferences or just work football, everyone's always got time for you. The same applies in my current role, my manager and team are really supportive and outgoing to give me responsibilities to ensure I get the most out of my 6 month rotation.

What are you looking forward to in your next 6 months at Premier?
One thing I'm looking forward to in the next 6 months is definitely my next rotation. Even though I'm really enjoying my current role and gaining a lot from it, having the chance to experience a completely different area of the business, in a completely different role is a great opportunity and one I'm looking forward to!

Are there any departments of the business that you would like to find out more about?
I think two areas that I'm really interested to find out about are International and also Innovation. With the international side of the business growing and expanding it's an area that I'd definitely be interested to find more about, especially the logistics of it all. Also, it'd be interesting to find out about the innovation side of the business, with this being a key focus in our strategy it's always interesting to hear about potential and upcoming innovations in the pipeline!

Describe working at Premier Foods in 4 words...
Exciting, supportive, social & ambitious.

Which is your favourite Premier Food product and why?
I think I'd have to go for Bisto, however the Kipling and Cadbury cakes are definitely up there.

Cheyenne Chauhan

Innovation Executive

How has your first few months been at Premier Foods? What have you found interesting and what has surprised you?
Premier Foods has been really exciting so far as no day is the same with multiple projects and events! So far I've completed 1 rotation in Field Sales, and currently in my marketing rotation in the innovation project management team. My field rotation has given me great insight in how our products are merchandised and sold into different channels, and to see the daily operations and challenges. Working in field sales as the first rotation on the scheme gives you a strong heads up on our product portfolio to then relay back to departments and to bring a different perspective.

What do you like most about working here or any aspect of your current role that you particularly enjoy?
Everyone at Premier is friendly and willing to go the extra mile to help you out. I'm really enjoying my new role in the innovation project management team. I can see how a project starts from idea conceptualisation, all the way through to manufacturing, to in store execution. This is really rewarding as you feel you can actually make a difference to bring the idea to life. You get real responsibility, and can take ownership of projects and tasks. This is great as you can see the team has trust in you so early on. This rotation is also valuable as I'm able to work on a variety of categories, and able to engage and network with many people across Premier.

What are you looking forward to in your next 6 months at Premier?
I'm most looking forward to finishing of leading my first project, and to see it on shelf!

Are there any departments of the business that you would like to find out more about?
The department I was most looking forward to engaging with was the innovation team, and luckily I'm able to do so! I also have an interest in consumer insights, and would be keen to work with them more closely.

Describe working at Premier Foods in 4 words...
Fun, sociable, agile, forward-thinking

Which is your favourite Premier Food product and why?
Mr Kipling: The brand has developed a fun tone of voice, and cake can be quick to execute new ideas and promotions.

Jasprit Singh

Sales Finance Analyst

How has your first few months been at Premier Foods? What have you learnt/ found interesting/ or anything that has surprised you?
My first few months at Premier have been amazing with so much to learn and get involved in. My first rotation is within Commercial Finance, business partnering and looking after Waitrose, Ocado and Amazon. Given the fast paced nature of working within FMCG, no day is the same and there is always a new challenge to get involved in. It has been great to get so much exposure at all levels across the business including support from the different departments like Sales, Innovation, Supply Chain and Marketing. One thing that has surprised me is the number of different products Premier offers with over 1000 SKU's.

What do you like most about working here or any aspect of your current role that you particularly enjoy?
For me, the best thing about Premier has to be the people! Everyone at Premier is so supportive and will always make time to help each other out. The best thing about my current role is the business partnering side where I am able to add value to discussions and negotiations by providing financial analysis/ support. In terms of the Finance Graduate scheme I would say one of the best things about it is the different rotations you can have exposure to, along with the support that is offered. You are given a Buddy, a Mentor and a Line Manager allowing you to really make the most out of colleagues internally whilst developing professionally.

What are you looking forward to in your next 6 months at Premier?
Within the next 6 months I am looking forward to continuing my journey to become a qualified accountant. Premier Foods sponsors all Finance graduates to become chartered, whether that be through ACA, ACCA or CIMA.

Are there any departments of the business that you would like to find out more about? I think that the International side of Premier is particularly interesting and given that our international business is going from strength to strength I think that it would be great to learn more about this part of the business. I would be particularly interested in understanding which of our products work in different countries and how we go about manufacturing and exporting all these products.

Describe working at Premier Foods in 4 words...
Fast-Paced, Rewarding, Social & Fun

Which is your favourite Premier Food product and why?
My favourite Premier Food product has to be Mr Kipling Angel Slices which has been my favourite cake since I was at school.