Being responsible and sustainable is important to us and is a key element of our business strategy.

A responsible approach

Not only does it underpin everything we do, but it's critical to how we drive growth, productivity and reputation in the longer term interest of our shareholders, colleagues and all those who touch our business.

Focused agenda

With that in mind, our sustainability agenda focuses on four key areas where we feel we can make the most positive contributions as a business: promoting a sustainable supply chain, encouraging healthier food choices, developing skills in young people and supporting our communities.

Supporting our consumers, community and environment

We all want to be sure that the food we buy is sourced ethically, with full traceability, and in a responsible way that respects and protects our natural environment. We also want to ensure we help people eat healthily and have the information they need to make the right food choices. And we want to know that we're helping create opportunities for young people and contributing to our community, whether that's locally in areas where we have a physical presence or nationally through our charity partnerships and support of other organisations.

For an overview of our sustainability efforts over recent years, please click the image below to download


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Caring for the environment, and building trust in our supply chain.

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