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Our Suppliers

Premier Foods spends £1.2bn on raw materials, products and services each year, wherever possible from UK suppliers. 

We have built long-term relationships with many of our UK suppliers, have grown our businesses together and in many cases, formed strong partnerships. We will continue to seek opportunities to increase our already significant support for UK suppliers of ingredients that can be grown and produced in the UK.

We are committed to British wheat and British farmers. We pioneered using 100% British wheat for use in Hovis and we have already committed to British wheat farmers to secure as much high quality British wheat that will be available in 2013. We will continue to use as much high quality British wheat that is available and supplement this year's weather impacted harvest with imported wheat from further afield as a necessary step to ensure quality bread producion, in spite of the worst UK harvest in over 35 years.

Our ingredients are sourced from the UK and around the world, with 7,000 metric tonnes of UK Bramley apples each year for use in products such as Mr. Kipling apple pies. 
We buy 70 million litres of milk a year from our Farm Assured milk suppliers, including Arla Milk Link, a wholly owned co-operative of 1,500 dairy farmers located in the South West, and producing milk close to our Creamery in Devon.
We spend £150m per annum on over 10,000 packaging items as diverse as printing ribbons to bulk container sacks. As well as the basic principles of lowest cost we are focussing heavily on innovation within our 8 power brands to promote organic growth.

Sustainability is high on our agenda (following the 5R's mantra of Reduce, Renew, Re-use, Recycle, Re-brand) to ensure we are acting responsibly. For example from 1/9/2012 we will be one of the first major food companies to achieve 100% board usage on corrugated cases from accredited Forest Stewardship Council sources to ensure our board is always from a totally renewable source.
Goods & Services
We buy over £500m worth of goods and services to support the running of our business including the equipment in our factories, energy, logistics, professional services and marketing. We use 1.4 billion kW hours of energy to power our factories which is enough to run the city of Leicester. 
Although we are dedicated to sourcing most of our ingredients in the UK, there are some items we source overseas. For example, each year we buy 4,000 metric tonnes of strawberries from Europe; 800 metric tonnes of honey from South America; 5,900 metric tonnes of cocoa from Africa and 6,000 metric tonnes of tomatoes from China. 
As an importer of materials either directly or indirectly from many parts of the world our strategic sourcing process will take into account cost, quality, safety, the nature and reliability of the source, environmental impacts and workplace practices.
The procurement of goods and contracted services by Premier Foods will fall in line with (as a minimum) the current legal requirements and with the company’s Ethical Trading, Environmental and Health and Safety policies.
Click on the document below to view our standard terms and conditions for the purchase of goods and services.

Premier Foods Group Standard Terms and Conditions for the Purchase of Goods and Services - Feb 2014.pdf

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