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 Hovis is now part of a joint venture – to read more see our news release.

Hovis has been one of Britain’s favourite brands for over a century.

With over 125 years of baking expertise, we are proud to be the only major bread brand to use no artificial preservatives and add more of the wholesome goodness of wheatgerm. To find out more, visit the Hovis website. 




We believe that natural is best, that's why we use a unique specially fermented wheat flour to keep our bread fresh. We are the only major bread brand to use no artificial preservatives.


Hovis was one of the first brands to advertise on British television in 1956.


Working closely with our bakeries across the UK, we source high quality ingredients and where possible buy British to make delicious Hovis bread that tastes as good as it has always been.


Hovis has been communicating the nutritional value of its bread since 1892.

The Hovis bread range includes:

  • Hovis Best of Both
  • Hovis British Farmers Loaf
  • Hovis Granary
  • Hovis Hearty Oats
  • Hovis Nimble
  • Hovis Original Wheatgerm
  • Hovis Seven Seeds
  • Hovis Soft White
  • Hovis Wholemeal
  • Hovis Homebake
  • Hovis Toasting
  • Hovis Mixes