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Mr. Kipling

Mr. Kipling cakes are as popular as ever being bought by almost 60% of UK households every year.   

The Mr. Kipling chefs are always experimenting with new cake flavours and formats to delight consumers’ eyes and taste buds and ensure a diverse range including the traditional Cherry Bakewells, dainty golden sponge French Fancies, heavenly Angel Slices, delicious Bramley Apple Pies and sumptuous shortcake Viennese Whirls. There’s a favourite for everyone!


The Mr. Kipling brand developed the ‘cake to go’ Snack Pack format - cakes in individual packaging, which are ideal for lunch boxes and on the go snacking.


Special edition Mr. Kipling Great British Fancies were launched for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.


Mr kipling uses only barn eggs to make exceedingly good cakes.


The Mr. Kipling brand has been a market leader since 1976, still retaining the ‘Number 1 Cake Brand’ title.

The Mr. Kipling Range includes:

  • Mr. Kipling Angel Slice
  • Mr. Kipling Cherry Bakewells
  • Mr. Kipling Bakewell Slice
  • Mr. Kipling Viennese Whirls
  • Mr. Kipling Apple Pies
  • Mr. Kipling Country Slice
  • Mr. Kipling French Fancies
  • Mr. Kipling Manor House
  • Mr. Kipling Almond Slice
  • Mr. Kipling Lemon Slice
  • Mr. Kipling Chocolate Slice
  • Mr. Kipling Caramel Slice