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For more than 100 years, the Batchelors brand has been helping busy British families to stay fuelled with quick, easy and delicious meals, making cooking simple through the latest food technology. 

The Batchelors brand is of course also behind Britain’s favourite 'Cup a Soup' product and enjoys market leadership in most of the areas it operates in, with a 58% share, as well as being market leader in the ‘Easy Eating’ category overall.

The brand has been known for leading the way in packaging and product innovation and its portfolio includes 'Cup a Pasta', its newest product launch Deli Box, Pasta ‘n’ Sauce, Pot Shots, Supernoodles and Savoury Rice.


The Batchelors brand continues to innovate with the launch in 2012 of its new range of ‘Deli Box’ – a tasty and satisfying light lunch that can be enjoyed in a moment, whether you are at home or at work.


The Batchelors brand is behind the ‘Fuelling Britain’ in 2012 campaign; helping busy mums not only keep their families fuelled with delicious products, but now their cars too, with a fantastic free fuel giveaway.


Batchelors dried food products have a much longer 'shelf life' than fresh foodstuffs. Using dried foods reduces food waste, as you can prepare dried food only when needed and it therefore means that less fresh food needs to be grown and less fertilizer, and pesticides, need to be used.


In 1949 Batchelors began making dried soups. By 1972 these became known as the now famous 'Cup a Soup' products.

The Batchelors range includes:

  • Batchelors Chicken Supernoodles
  • Batchelors Chicken, BBQ & Mild Curry Super Noodles
  • Batchelors Tomato, Chicken & Minestrone Cup-a-Soup
  • Batchelors Chicken and Mushroom, Cheese and Broccoli Super Pasta 'n' Sauce
  • Batchelors Golden Vegetable & Chicken Super Rice
  • Batchlelors Chicken Noodle & BBQ Beef Deli Box
  • Batchlelors Spicy Sweet & Sour Cup a Noodle