07 January 2008

Premier Foods puts £3m behind Soupfuls

Premier Foods is kicking off the New Year with a £3m marketing campaign for Batchelors Soupfulls

Soupfulls of support as Premier Foods puts £3m behind new Batchelors soup

Premier Foods, the UK's No.1 food manufacturer, is kicking off the New Year with a £3m marketing campaign for Batchelors Soupfulls - its new range of filling, wholesome soups.

The brand sales drive includes heavyweight national television, in-store sampling, consumer PR and various trade support, including point-of-sale and an outdoor poster campaign running in selected regions.

The television advertising, which airs on January 21, opens with a kitchen scene. A woman is preparing her bowl of Soupfulls while in a comic scene played out behind her, two men playfully banter and ‘fence' with a spoon and a fork, over which cutlery is best suited to eating the chunky ingredients in Soupfulls.

The highly engaging ads were conceived by DLKW and will run for seven weeks. They will reach a target audience of men and women who are juggling busy lives and don't have time to cook, yet still want to eat something satisfying yet healthier than pizza or a sandwich.

Laura Molloy, Batchelors marketing manager at Premier Foods, says: "The advertising will help reinforce the brand message that Batchelors Soupfulls meets both the consumer need for convenience and their desire for products with healthier, fresher credentials. Over recent years the dry and ambient soup sectors have missed out as consumers have increasingly turned to fresh products for their perceived quality, freshness and health benefits. Soupfulls will redress the balance."

She adds: "This New Year activity is certain to fuel demand for Soupfulls so I'd strongly advise retailers to stock up to ensure they capitalise on the investment Premier Foods is putting behind the brand."

Soupfulls soups are filling and satisfying. Each is loaded with quality, chunky meat and vegetables, making it hard to decide whether to use a fork or a spoon!

Healthy and convenient meals that do not compromise on taste or quality, Soupfulls soups are ideal at lunchtime - when you want to eat something filling to keep you going throughout the day, or in the evening as an easy-to-prepare, quick evening meal following a day of being rushed off your feet.

These satisfying, tasty soups are packed full of nutritious ingredients and provide a balanced meal full of vitamins - ideal for the health conscious choice. The Tuscan Tomato and Pasta soup, for example, contains only 208 calories and 1.6g of saturated fat per 400g pouch.

The range includes no MSGs, artificial colours or preservatives and is low in fat, plus all the soups can be easily cooked in either a microwave or hob for a just a few minutes - making Soupfulls a healthy and convenient tummy filler.

Soupfulls is  available in five flavours; Classic Beef & Vegetable, Tuscan Tomato & Pasta, Chicken & Country Vegetable, Creamy Chicken Potato & Mushroom and Mediterranean Vegetable. All come in easy-to-open foil pouches for added freshness.

Batchelors Soupfulls has an rsp of £1.39 for each 400g foil pouch.

7 January 2008

10 January 2008

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