19 March 2018

Mr Kipling focuses on the little things with new TV advert

- Mr Kipling is returning to TV with its first new advert in two years.  
- The brand new creative shows how Mr Kipling knows that sometimes it’s the smallest of things that can mean the most, bringing “Exceedingly Good” moments of unexpected joy to the every day. 
- Launching at the same time, a new packaging design will be introduced across Mr Kipling products, featuring the original Mr Kipling logo, new appetising product visuals and a more intuitive colour pallet to improve standout on shelf. 

Premier Foods PLC is promoting Mr Kipling with a brand new TV advert which will bring a deeper meaning to its famous and much loved, “Exceedingly Good Cakes” slogan. Supported by a £2m marketing campaign, the new campaign puts real, human stories centre stage. It shows how Mr Kipling knows, that sometimes it’s the smallest of things that can mean the most, bringing “Exceedingly Good” moments of unexpected joy to our every day. 

On air from the 19th March, the advert will run for six weeks until the end of April, promoting the UK’s number one cake brand1. Alongside the new creative, Mr Kipling will also be launching a new packaging design, which has been refreshed to help improve standout on shelf, featuring delicious new product photography, a more intuitive colour pallet and a return to the original Mr Kipling logo. 

The advert features a cheeky young boy who, at a family gathering, is scurrying around trying to nab a much loved Mr Kipling cake. However, being faced with the obstacle of adults in the room, this ‘little thief’ fails time and time again, until finally, he manages to steal a Mr Kipling Angel Slice. When the boy gets home, he suspiciously rushes upstairs to scoff the sweet treat, or so we think… but his intentions may not be all that they seem to be, as he surprises his sister with the cake. The cake may only be small, but it has a lot of meaning for the young boy’s sister. 

Helen Warren-Piper, Marketing Director at Premier Foods PLC, comments: “For over 50 years, Mr Kipling cakes have been bringing enjoyment to millions of UK households every day. This campaign is rooted in a life truth, that sometimes it's the little and seemingly insignificant things in life that can mean the most. In the advert we see the strong emotional connection that consumers feel with the Mr Kipling brand in a very charming and real way. This campaign re-enforces the long-held territory of “Exceedingly Good Cakes” and closely reflects the way that consumers talk to us about their love for Mr Kipling.”

Warren-Piper concludes: “It promises to be a great year for Mr Kipling and we have already seen how much consumers love the brand. We introduced new Mr Kipling Unicorn slices as an exclusive to Asda at the beginning of the month and in less than three weeks more than 270,000 packs have already flown off the shelves, (…Unicorns can fly.)”

[1] IRI, ambient cake retail sales value, 52 w/e 9th December 2017

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